Overwatch’s Sombra Myths Explored (VIDEO) – Confirmed vs. Busted

Sombra myths

Ever since Overwatch unveiled Sombra, the collective of the game’s fan base has been going bananas. When she was still in PTR, it was not uncommon for a match to have 12 Sombras translocating all over the place, hacking every medpack in sight, and popping up in random places after being invisible. Needless to say, Sombra is quite the hero with her incomparable skills and abilities. Some of these abilities have even raised a question or two, and have even prompted some to create myths about the character. Luckily, DefendTheHouse was nice enough to compile the Sombra myths and bust whichever ones they could. A comprehensive list and results of the Sombra myths can be found below the video.

Myth #1: Zenyatta’s discord orb tracking will disappear when Sombra goes invisible.

Zenyatta’s orb of discord can come quite in handy when the enemy is not as forgiving as you would like. Attaching it to an enemy amplifies the damage they receive, therefore making it easier for your team to kill them. Sombra’s ability to go invisible was put to the test with the orb of discord attached to her, and she was able to disappear along with the orb. This Sombra myth is confirmed.

Myth #2: Junkrat’s trap placed on a translocator will trigger when Sombra recalls to it.

What is there to say about Junkrat, other than the fact that he is awesome? Everyone’s favorite wildcard has that ridiculous trap that players love to hate. However, when you’re Junkrat, there isn’t much like seeing “TRIGGERED” pop up on the screen, letting you know that you have caught your prey. When you are playing as Junkrat and you see a Sombra on the other team, go ahead and place your trap on her translocator, because when she recalls to it, she will get caught. This Sombra myth is confirmed.


Myth #3: Widowmaker’s venom mine will ignore an invisible Sombra.

Widowmaker’s venom mine is very useful, especially when the enemy team is grouped up and you want to weaken all of them before picking them off with your sniper rifle. The venom mine explodes when its motion sensor is triggered, releasing a poison gas and damaging the affected enemy or enemies over time. When Sombra goes invisible, she is exactly that, invisible. How does her invisibility stack up against motion sensors? Not that great because when she is invisible and within proximity of the venom mine, it will detonate. This Sombra myth is busted.

Myth #4: Sombra’s translocator beacon cannot be destroyed.

One of Sombra’s greatest abilities is being able to drop or throw a translocator beacon anywhere and recall back to it if you get yourself in a sticky situation. Like any of the other heroes’ drop-able items, the beacon is quite visible, therefore it should be able to be destroyed, right? Wrong. The translocator beacon cannot be destroyed. This Sombra myth is confirmed.


Myth #5: McCree’s Deadeye and Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor can lock onto an invisible Sombra.

Both McCree and Soldier 76 are fantastic heroes to play as, especially when you need to just shoot the hell out of some stuff. When it’s high noon and someone has sights on you, the chances of you walking out alive are slim to none. Unless you are invisible, that is. If you don’t pull that trigger before Sombra goes invisible, you will definitely not be getting the kill. This Sombra myth is busted.

Myth #6: Turrets cannot see an invisible Sombra.

Turrets are everywhere in Overwatch. That is, if you’re facing Symmetra, Torbjörn, and/or Bastion. They can be a real pain in the ass, too. Much like McCree’s and Soldier 76’s ultimates, though, they are unable to see that which cannot be seen with the naked eye. That’s right! You don’t have to worry much about turrets when you’re Sombra because they simply cannot see her when she is invisible. Just make sure to get out of their line of sight before your ability is up because the instant you aren’t invisible, you will begin to feel the wrath of those damn turrets. This Sombra myth is confirmed.

What do you think of these Sombra myths, gamers? Do you have any Sombra myths to share with the class? You can definitely use these as tips to better your Sombra, or better your counter to Sombra. Let us know how you feel down in the comments! We love hearing from you! We also love telling you about wonderful things such as this. That link will take you to a magical place, just in case you read over it. It’s about Mass Effect, if that entices you. For more reading, keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers, because we like to bring you shiny, new things in the best way possible…with words and pictures!

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