Sakura Armor

Monster Hunter World: Earn The Sakura Armor Set From Street Fighter V, Quest Begins Soon!

Both Monster Hunter World and Capcom’s Street Fighter series have come into contact with each other once before now with a mission which players tussled with monsters in order to…

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Monster Hunter World update

Monster Hunter World Update Adds Terrifying New Creature (VIDEO)

Capcom is making good on their post-launch content promise with a new Monster Hunter World update this month. It will be adding some big additions to the game that players…

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Monster Hunter: World Devil May Cry Event Begins Soon, New Mission And Gear Incoming (VIDEO)

Capcom crossovers is what dreams of fans are made of. Currently live is an event titled A Rush of Blood, which allows players to take part in a mission that…

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Mega Man X Legacy Collections 1 And 2 Arriving This Summer (VIDEO)

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 finally have an official release date which was revealed with an all-new announcement trailer. Set to arrive this Summer, the entire…

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Resident Evil

Throwback Thursday: Resident Evil – Home Sweet Horror (VIDEO)

Let’s throw back to March 30th, 1996, when Resident Evil released for the original PlayStation. The game brought the concept of survival horror to the mainstream, terrifying the masses with…

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Capcom Infinite Worker

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Worker Calls Out Marvel Demands, “A F–king Nightmare”

The latest of the intercompany Marvel Vs. Capcom crossovers wasn’t exactly a chart-topper when it initially released, but now it looks as though it wasn’t particularly fun behind the scenes…

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Capcom’s Street Fighter Franchise Getting TV Series Adaptation

The global video game phenomenon created by Capcom will be receiving a TV series adaptation. Though not the first time this has happened, the Street Fighter franchise will be entering…

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Monster Hunter World patch

Latest Monster Hunter World Patch Brings “The Food Chain Dominator” (VIDEO)

The latest Monster Hunter World patch has gone live, setting the deadly Deviljho upon the realm. “The Food Chain Dominator” brings a maw full of deadly teeth that are ready…

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Monster Hunter World: Fix Those Ugly Mugs With A Free Character Editor Voucher

Roleplaying games such as Monster Hunter World often give players a chance to create their own characters with intricate customization tools allowing them to make stunning avatars. However once in-game,…

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Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Prepares for Huge New Update: Mega Man, A New Enemy, and Tons More

The latest patch to go live for the incredibly popular Monster Hunter World title will be dropping soon and Capcom isn’t holding anything back when it comes to post launch…

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