Resident Evil 2 Board Game Exceeds $860K Kickstarter Stretch Goals – New Character Added

The Kickstarter for the Resident Evil 2 the board game continues to gain traction in popularity. In fact, it has garnered so much attention and pledges, developer Steamforged Games, Ltd….

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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite Premium DLC Costumes Available Now

Looking to add some more style to your game? Marvel VS Capcom Infinite premium DLC costumers are here and with a few new additions for all your mainstays. That means…

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Resident Evil VII DLC

Redfield Tape Shown In New Resident Evil VII DLC Trailer (VIDEO)

The beginning of this year saw the release of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, which came as a pleasant surprise to fans of the series who felt previous core entries in…

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Street Fighter 5 Announces Zeku “The Ever-Changing Ninja” In Latest Reveal Trailer (VIDEO)

Introducing the latest Street Fighter 5 character to the amazing roster so far is Zeku the Ever-Changing Ninja. Initially “debuted” in the SFV alpha 2, Zeku taught Guy the Bushinryu style…

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Sagat Statues

These Street Fighter Sagat Statues Are Phenomenal But Phew, They’re Not Cheap

While nerd culture has had a fixation with premium statues of its favorite characters for a while now, more recent years have seen an influx of higher-priced premium statues. With…

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Street Fighter V Arcade Edition to Arrive in 2018 – New Modes, UI Redesign, and More (VIDEO)

As part of Capcom’s 30th year celebration of the Street Fighter franchise, the developing team went all out to bring a bunch of new content with the Arcade edition. The publisher…

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Dead Rising 4 Video

Dead Rising 4 Video Features Inbound Fan Requested Improvements (VIDEO)

When Dead Rising 4 was released for PC and Xbox One in December 2016, the title didn’t quite live up to fans’ expectations. Shortly after the game arrived, Capcom increased…

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Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Board Game is on Kickstarter and People Already Love it (VIDEO)

A Resident Evil 2 board game is in production and its become a popular demand. Beginning its trails on Kickstarter, the new tabletop has quickly gained traction and success with…

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Monster Hunter World Presentation Shows Off Extensive Character and Palico Customization (VIDEO)

The Tokyo Game Show 2017 had a lot to show off this time around. From Square Enix’s new shooter Left Alive to Atlus’ teaser on the future of Shin Megami Tensei…

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Chris Redfield in 'Not a Hero'

Chris Redfield is Back in Resident Evil 7’s Not a Hero Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)

Though the gameplay was a bit of a departure from earlier entries into the series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was a massive success that reminded fans that Capcom’s survival horror…

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