Street Fighter 6 roster

Street Fighter 6 Roster Leak Acknowledged By Capcom

In this age of the gaming industry, as social media has become a go-to sector for gaming companies to market their games, it has proven to also be a double-edged…

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Street Fighter 6 Gameplay

First Street Fighter 6 Gameplay, New Modes Revealed (VIDEO)

The fighting game genre has made a significant impact on the video game industry since the days of its arcade origins. The genre has risen to be one of the…

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Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Announced By Capcom (VIDEO)

Fighting games have held themselves up as one of the biggest genres in the video game industry, with perhaps none rivaling the impact that Street Fighter has had on the…

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Tekken X Street Fighter Game Still Under Development, Says Producer (VIDEO)

Tekken X Street Fighter Officially NOT Dead, Still “Shelved” For Now

Though the wait has stretched for a long while, it appears the crossover brawls of Tekken X Street Fighter may still see the light of day. Answering fans’ questions during…

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Chun-Li Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Chun-Li Gameplay Revealed For Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid (VIDEO)

Developer nWay’s roster-packed fighting game Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid may already boast some of the most formidable beings to ever step into the Morphin Grid, but the likes…

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Street Fighter Power Rangers

​Street Fighter’s Ryu And Chun-Li Join Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid

Even as ​Street Fighter V receives major updates in 2021, the game’s fighters seem to be showing up everywhere as of late. Having already contributed to the roster of Super…

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chun li fortnite ryu street fighter

Street Fighter’s Ryu and Chun-Li Battle Their Way To Fortnite (VIDEO)

Brawling their way to Fortnite, street Fighter characters, Ryu and Chun-Li, have graced the battlefield! These iconic fighters hail from the long-standing Street Fighters franchise. Following the appearance of Master…

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yoshinori ono street fighter capcom

Street Fighter Producer Leaves Capcom After 30 Years

After nearly 30 long and successful years, Street Fighter executive producer, Yoshinori Ono, leaves Capcom. Since 1998, Ono has held a variety of production roles inside Capcom including music and…

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Street Fighter Dev Explains Why Mortal Kombat Crossover Didn't Happen

Street Fighter Dev Explains Why Mortal Kombat Crossover Didn’t Happen

Street Fighter is a name almost synonymous with fighting games, the Capcom series having innovated and popularized the competitive genre since back in the day with Street Fighter II. However,…

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Tekken x Street Fighter Won’t Happen Anytime Soon, Says Bandai Namco Dev

Tekken 7 continues its streak in popularity among the crowd of fighter game fans, and so does Street Fighter in its own regard. Both are renown franchises within Bandai Namco…

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