The Last of Us 2 Announcement Could Be Soon, According to Well Known NeoGaf Leaker

Given the critical and financial success of The Last of Us, especially given that it was a game for a new IP, another entry in the franchise seemed all but inevitable for Naughty Dog. However, with DLC and a remaster for the original title, not to mention a little game called Uncharted 4, the developer has seemed quite busy. Now, with the release of Uncharted 4, fans are eagerly awaiting word about Naughty Dog’s next big project and are hoping to see more of The Last of Us’s fallen world. Well, according to a noteable NeoGaf leaker, we might see The Last of Us 2 announcement that we have been awaiting.

The Last of Us 2 Announcement

Reported earlier by FragHero, an image posted by NeoGaf gaming forum user Shinobi602, known very well across the web for leaking or confirming leaks of upcoming video game announcements, posted an image of fan art depicting Ellie from The Last of Us and a logo for The Last of Us 2 with the description “The announcement might be closer than you think”.

The Last of Us 2 Announcement

If this is true, then we would likely see The Last of Us 2 officially announced before E3 next year. The most likely venues for the announcement would be the PlayStation Experience event next month, or the upcoming Game Awards show, presented by Dorito-lord Geoff Keighley. Either of these events would be perfect opportunities to make what would likely be THE announcement of the show, and would have fans clamouring like a Clicker in a Zedd concert. What do you guys think? Are you hoping for a The Last of Us 2 announcement? What would you like to see in a sequel for The Last of Us? Let us know in the comments below.

In other The Last of Us news, did you hear the film adaptation is reportedly lower on Sony’s list of priorities? Read about this and future The Last of Us news here on Don’t Feed the Gamers!

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