Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransaction System Comparable to Overwatch Loot Boxes (VIDEO)

Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions

One of the more surprising pieces of information that has been revealed about the much anticipated sequel to EA and DICE’s first Star Wars Battlefront game has been the decision for the game to forgo any paid DLC. Instead, the game will be given a series of free DLC updates starting with The Last Jedi-themed DLC in December – a month after the game’s release. Many fans found much joy in knowing they would not have to purchase a pricey season pass again, but some have theorized that another optional in-game purchasing feature would be present. This appears to be the case as the Star Wars Battlefront II microtransaction system has now been confirmed and detailed in a series of new videos.

Information about this new system can be seen in the video seen above from the BattlefrontUpdates YouTube channel. It seems that this new system will revolve around the in-game crates, which seem to function much like Overwatch’s loot boxes. These crates can be purchased with the game’s credits currency that is obtained by playing the game and they give players various unlockable items including star cards (like those seen in the first game), crafting parts, and more credits. For players looking to unlock more goodies faster, players will be able to purchase more credits with real-life currency via microtransactions.

The BattlefrontUpdates channel also has other videos detailing the new Battlefront II features such as weapon crafting, a component that is very reminiscent of the same one utilized in Battlefield 1. Additions like this certainly show that the DICE team is looking to greatly expand upon what their first Battlefront game started. What do you guys think about this new Star Wars Battlefront II microtransaction system? Let us know in the comments below!

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