Resident Evil 7 Collectors Edition Unveiled – Fully Stocked With Freaky Stuff

Just because Halloween has come and gone, doesn’t mean that you can’t get your scare on with the megalith hype whirlwind that is the Resident Evil 7 Collectors Edition. The game comes out on January 24th, 2017, and promises to be an extremely large release.

You’re not just a Resident Evil fan, you’re absolutely obsessive, consuming every piece of Resident Evil media that you can get your infected hands on. You’ve played all of the games, including the remastered version multiple times. You were first in line to every single showing of the movies. You even bought a Gamecube for Resident Evil 4 – A FREAKING GAMECUBE! A simple copy of Resident Evil 7 will not do at all, for it does not accurately represent the vehemence with which you love the series! That, my friend, is why you will need to run, amble, or crawl on down to Gamestop (the only place that it is available) and purchase the $180 Resident Evil 7 Collectors Edition of the game, that comes chock full of delicious goodies to make you moan and groan.

resident evil 7 collectors edition

First off we get a replica of the Baker house straight out of the game, but this is no mere model fanboys and fangirls, it is also a creepy little music box that lights up as it plays! What song does it play? Why, “Go Tell Aunt Rosey” of course, the official song of the game that was featured in the E3 announcement trailer for Resident Evil 7.

But wait, there’s more! The Resident Evil 7 Collectors Edition also comes with a lithograph of the Baker family, a sick looking game box, another box that looks like a dirty old VHS tape, a third metal box to keep all of your cool stuff in, and a blood scrawled note. Not enough for you, you psychopath? Gamestop will also toss in a severed finger to add to your collection, but this is not just any severed finger, it’s also a USB thumb drive!

Make sure to preorder your Resident Evil 7 Collectors edition at your local Gamestop while supplies last! If you’re able to secure a copy, definitely let us know in the comments and send us pictures of you’re horrifying swag!

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