Iconic Star Wars Actress Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack on Airplane [UPDATE]

[UPDATE]: Carrie’s brother updated fans on the situation, she is out of “emergency status” and is in stable condition!

Original article is as follows: 

Law enforcement sources have confirmed that Carrie Fisher, epochal actress who played Princes Leia in Star Wars episodes four through seven, has suffered a heart attack on December 23rd while on an airplane to Los Angeles. Individuals on the plane stated that she was not breathing and that CPR was being performed when the plane landed.

Fisher was in transit from London after a promotional tour for her latest memoir, The Princess Diarist which details her experiences while working on the Star Wars films. Carrie Fisher was rushed off the plan by EMT services immediately upon landing, but her current condition is unknown at this time.

Many on the plane tweeted their observations and reactions to the shocking and traumatic experience.


Anna Akana has requested that the press discontinue contacting her and Brad Gage for a reaction or update to the news.


At this time, Carrie Fisher’s publicist is not taking calls or updating the public on the actress’ condition, but fans and admirers worldwide are locked to official news sources waiting to find out if she will be able to pull through.

Here at DFTG, we certainly have our fingers crossed a full recovery and we’re hoping that The Force is with her. Send the beloved actress your best wishes in the comments and stay with DFTG for up-to-date information as the situation continues to progress.

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