Two New Posters Released for Resident Evil Film “The Final Chapter”

Sony and Screen Gems have released two more epic posters to hype up fans for the release of the Resident Evil film “The Final Chapter”. They’re is a version for the release in Japan, and another for North America. The posters feature lead Milla Jovovich, ready for action, as Alice in the final installment of the film franchise.

This is the sixth Resident Evil film inspired by Capcoms popular horror survival video game series. According to Milla, this is definitely the “Final Chapter” for Alice on the big screen, though it is uncertain if the franchise will continue to produce films. Between the posters and the trailer it is at least certain that the final installment promises to be action packed!

Resident Evil The Final Chapter

The film is expected to pick up immediately after the events that unfolded in Resident Evil: Retribution, leading Alice and her allies back to the beginning where the first film took place. The film features new monsters, old favorites, and enough explosions to even excite Michael Bay. Fans can expect to see Ali Larter returning as Claire Redfeild, Ruby Rose as Abigail, Wentworth Miller returning as Chris Redfield and a whole host of other awesome cast members. (Seriously, they’re bringing in all of our favorite characters for this one!)

Resident Evil The Final Chapter

The film is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and is expected to release in Japan on December 23rd, and in North America on January 27th. This puts the film releasing in North America only three days after the much anticipated Resident Evil: Biohazard goes on sale. The game is looking more and more like it may be the creepiest installment yet!

For those who who may have missed it,  you can check out the the awesome international movie trailer here!

Are you excited for the final film, or disappointed that the story is over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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