Double Dragon IV Sparks Interest With Deliciously Low Res Reveal (Video)

An official reveal trailer for the upcoming Double Dragon IV was unveiled on December 26th and for those looking for a nostalgia trip, the game looks like it’s going to provide ample dosage. The developers, Arc System Works, definitely did not shy away from the series roots and the game looks like it is going to be insanely old school.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Double Dragon is a side-scrolling arcade-style fighter that follows the story of the twin Lee brothers as they bust heads and break arms on their way to liberate some scantily clad lady from the iron grip of gang leaders. The series is usually characterized by a simple story that takes a backseat to the ever present pixelated violence. The initial release of Double Dragon in 1987 on arcade and Nintendo Entertainment System was not the first beat-em-up, but it broke ground in the realm of cooperative play and garnered popularity for the genre, opening the door for games like Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage.

Previous attempts have been made in the past to give Double Dragon a graphical facelift for the modern age, which is what makes the reprise of classic visuals all the more surprising. Whether or not this was a good direction to take on the art for Double Dragon IV is yet to be seen, but it in an era where pixel art is making a comeback, it definitely has the potential to attract new fans and lure back old admirers.

double dragon IV Combat

The soon-to-be sequel is expected to come to PlayStation 4 and PC at some point in 2017 for the low price of $8 but at this time, no solid release date has been stated by Arc System Works.

So do you like the classic art style, or would you have hoped for something a bit more modern? Let us know what you think about the reveal trailer for Double Dragon IV in the comments section and make sure to bookmark DFTG so you can get the latest gaming news before all of your friends!

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