Sony Announces their PlayStation Black Friday Sale in a Weird Way (VIDEO)

playstation black friday sale

The PlayStation Black Friday sale happening is a no brainer, of course they’ll have it, but the PlayStation EU YouTube page announced the sale with a very strange video showing some funny, or maybe even scary, faces. In the 30 second video, you can witness people making weird faces in slow motion with a fan blowing in their face. At the end it says, “Play it cool this Black Friday”, and shows that there will be discounts up to 60% off.

The ad specifically dictates that it is necessary to sign up now at in order to be notified of the PlayStation Black Friday sale’s commencement. Check out the ad below:

According to PlayStation EU’s Twitter, the PlayStation Black Friday sale will begin on Thanksgiving day. A lot of fans were actually irritated that the ad did not include any games whatsoever, and no clue as to what is actually on sale. Some of the comments on the ad were pretty salty, like these:

“If you play the video backwards at half speed it says the games that will be on sale”

“What the hell !!!! Why they don’t show us the list of games that will come on Black Friday??? I hope these deals worth the pay.”

“Wasted 35 seconds of my life watching this ffs”

There were a lot more and some were so much worse. Do you think it was smart to do something so vague and weird to advertise the PlayStation Black Friday sale? Do you think people are overreacting? Let us know in the comments below and check in often with Don’t Feed the Gamers for all your gaming news!

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