New YouTube Update Massively Expands Playstation VR Video Library

PlayStation VR

Playstation VR has been capable of taking advantage of 360 degree video for quite some time now, but this content had to be accessed via various third party applications. Owners of the VR headsets will be getting a little gift for the holidays, as the latest update to the YouTube application on the PS4 will allow users to launch the application in VR mode.

The addition to the YouTube application was first noticed by ever vigilant Reddit users. The good news is that the YouTube archive will vastly expand the 360 degree video library of all Playstation VR owners. Unfortunately, many have said that because of the way that YouTube compresses video and distributes the 1080 pixels across the entire 360 degree field of view the final outcome can be rather blurry. Others have stated that the image isn’t all that bad, but object detection for 3D is wonky and far off items appear close, as close items appear far away. Hopefully, issues like this will be rectified shortly after the update has launched.

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As of right now, there has been no official statement from Sony, YouTube, or Playstation VR regarding the update, and some in certain regions report a total inability to download it. At this time it isn’t clear whether the update will be launching soon, or if they’ve postponed it to work on aforementioned issues, but it is clear that Playstation VR support is in the works on the PS4 YouTube application and either way, it’s free content and perhaps it will incentivize YouTube to focus on acquiring even more 360 degree videos to expand their library.

Are you excited to check out the free virtual reality update? Have you had any issues with the application? Share your experiences with Playstation VR on YouTube in the comments and stick around, cause DFTG is bringing you all the latest news for comics, games, movies, and more!

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