PS5 Ad Emphasizes Haptic Feedback In DualSense Controller (VIDEO)

PlayStation 5 Ad PS5

2020 is making its slow crawl towards its end and, by that time, the PS5 is still expected to release. The new Sony video game console has excited the gaming community the past few months with the announcements of its exclusive titles, such as the Demon’s Souls remake, and technical capabilities. Aside from the graphical capabilities like ray-tracing that the PS5 will be able to achieve, one of the bigger aspects of the device that Sony has been highlighting is the DualSense controller that will be included with the console. Now, the first PS5 ad has been released, which emphasizes the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback.

As reported on Prima Games, Sony has released the first official PS5 ad on the PlayStation YouTube channel. While the three main features emphasized in this ad are difficult to articulate through sound and visuals only, it does a fairly decent job of expressing them. To visualize the haptic feedback in the DualSense controller, a woman is seen walking on an icy lake then placing her hands on the surface.

The 3D audio of the PS5 is exhibited by showing the woman walking into a basecamp of some kind in a tropical forest climate. As she looks around, she hears various sounds coming from different directions. If one were to listen to the ad with headphones, the stereo effect gives a taste of what the 3D audio effect will feel like.

PlayStation 5 DualSense PS5

Lastly, the PS5 ad reflects the adaptive triggers in the DualSense controller, showing the woman pulling back on a bow and arrow. Developers have spoken previously about the adaptive triggers, which suggests that the triggers will give some resistance. For instance, if the player’s gun jams in-game. The haptic feedback of the DualSense controller is one of Sony’s big selling features and even though it is hard to communicate how it works, it does seem to be the next area of immersion for games in the future. Hopefully, developers take advantage of these features, so we can feel like Spider-Man and have a different type of spidey-sense in the game world.

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