PS5 accolades

PS5 Accolades System Is Getting Axed By Sony

The PlayStation 5 has now been available to gamers (albeit with some supply chain issues thrown in) for nearly two years now. While the console is even more technologically powerful…

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PlayStation 5 Sales

PlayStation 5 Sales Top 20 Million Units, Despite Shortages

While the new generation of video game consoles have now been made available for almost two years now, much of this life cycle so far has been characterized with real-world…

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DualSense Controllers

DualSense Controllers Can Now Be Updated On PC Without PS5

So far in the next-gen video game console battle, the PlayStation 5 seems to be doing quite well for itself. One particular aspect of the device that gives it an…

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Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 and Xbox Series X Versions Available Now (VIDEO)

Cyberpunk 2077 has now been released for more than a year, though much of that time has been mired in controversy and chaos. The game was initially launched only for…

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Call of Duty 2023

Call Of Duty 2023 Will Be Next-Gen And PC Only, Says Leaker

The gaming industry has been highly focused on Activision Blizzard lately, due to the proposed acquisition of the company by Microsoft. Because of this potential major deal, many have wondered…

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Call of Duty Games

3 Call Of Duty Games Still Coming To PlayStation, Says Report

The biggest story in the gaming industry that has had everyone talking lately has been the intended acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. Should this deal be approved by the…

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Elden Ring Goes Gold

​​Elden Ring Goes Gold, New Gameplay Revealed (VIDEO)

With 2022 finally kicking off, gamers are looking forward to all of the great titles that are coming in the new year. Anticipation is high for these games, with one…

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Horizon Forbidden West Cast

Horizon Forbidden West Cast Featurette Confirms Matrix Actor (VIDEO)

As 2022 begins, the future of the PlayStation 5 looms brighter with the promise of new exclusive experiences coming with this new year. The big new exclusive coming soonest for…

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Horizon Forbidden West Build

Horizon Forbidden West Build Leaks Online, Spoilers Beware

 While the PlayStation 5 has been fairly slow to provide exclusive next-gen experiences, 2022 looks promising for those wanting the next PS5 games. The next big exclusive PS5 game coming…

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New Genshin Impact Trailer Revealed Featuring Yun Jin Gameplay (VIDEO)

New Genshin Impact Trailer Revealed Featuring Yun Jin Gameplay (VIDEO)

Genshin Impact is on the cusp of releasing Version 2.4, which brings with it the new Enkanomiya region, loads of limited-time events, and the brand new max rarity character Shenhe….

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