Hitman 2 Launch Trailer Dares You To Kill Sean Bean (VIDEO)

Hitman 2 Launch Trailer Dares You To Kill Sean Bean (VIDEO)

Hitman 2 is about to unleash the formidable Agent 47 on the world and the elegantly assembled sequel is giving the assassin plenty of means to accomplish his mission. With new locales, multiplayer, and a bevy of creatively-available weapons, the game’s world of assassination is looking to get a whole lot bigger.

One of the more interesting additions to the murderous proceedings is film actor Sean Bean and his perfectly-fitting availability as Hitman 2’s first Elusive Target. IO Interactive has now given the totally unkillable character the spotlight as he goes over various means Agent 47 could potentially dispatch him. In the video below, Bean continuously shrugs off the idea that deadly toilets, covert flamingo costumes, and explosive rubber ducks could ever take him out. Well, at least until the end.

Players will have their own opportunity to give Sean Bean the axe in the series’ signature Elusive Targets mode, the actor taking on the in-game role of Mark Faba. Those who’d like to boast they’ve killed Sean Bean will have limited time and a single attempt to accomplish the deed, so planning ahead is likely the best course of action.

With all these stealthy options for murder, Hitman 2 is seeming pretty much like a Final Destination movie with Agent 47 playing the role of Death. Hyperbole aside, the latest from the series hasn’t been shy about giving players an array of choice in delivering their stylish executions, with assassins now even able to compete with other players for the eventual kill. Hitman 2 will launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 13th.

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