New PS5 Console And Controller Colors Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

New PS5 Console Covers, Controller Colors Revealed By Sony (VIDEO)

Following numerous threats of legal action towards companies attempting to sell custom faceplates for the PS5, the folks over at Sony have finally revealed their endgame: they intended on offering…

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The Medium PS5 DualSense

The Medium PS5 DualSense Features Detailed (VIDEO)

Following a successful debut on Microsoft platforms, Bloober Team’s The Medium is officially coming to the PlayStation 5, with Sony teasing a number of exciting DualSense features for the awaited…

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Xbox Boss Praises The DualSense, Hints At Potential Controller Improvements

Xbox Boss Praises The DualSense, Hints At Potential Controller Improvements

While the PlayStation 5 on its own is a pretty sweet package, one should not understate the technological marvel that is the DualSense controller. Countless outlets from all across the…

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Metro Exodus DualSense

Metro Exodus On PC Gets Full DualSense Feature Support

Metro Exodus players on PC have received a surprise new feature in the form of official DualSense support. Pushed live recently in a recent hotfix, developer 4A Games stealthily added…

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PlayStation 5 DualSense New Colors

PlayStation 5 DualSense Getting Two New Colors (VIDEO)

A considerable amount of people are still unable to get their hands on a PlayStation 5, but that isn’t going to stop Sony from making sure those who have one…

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PS5 Controller faceplates

PS5 Controller Faceplates Being Sold By Third Party Company

­While the PlayStation 5 has been fairly difficult to obtain, PS5 owners have been loving the new console. Debuting with the console is the new DualSense controller that has new…

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PS5 DualSense Steam

PS5 DualSense Support Added To Steam Beta

The next generation of gaming has officially become the new generation as both the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 have arrived, offering console gamers an updated experience and fresh…

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PlayStation 5 PS5 DualSense

PS5 Will Change ‘X’ To Default Confirm Button In Japan

For the most part of its 26-year history, the PlayStation brand has been uniform on the meaning of its iconic 4-symbol button scheme, with the X button nearly always being…

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PlayStation 5 PS5 Digital Edition Dualsense

PlayStation 5 Release Date, Price Officially Revealed (VIDEO)

Since being announced and formally unveiled earlier this year, fans have been speculating many details regarding Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. While information such as hardware specs, an updated…

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PlayStation Intends To 'Accelerate The Rollout' Of First-Party Games

PlayStation Intends To ‘Accelerate The Rollout’ Of First-Party Games

As we’ve come to expect from Sony, the PlayStation 5 will bring with it a plethora of high quality first-party games that will help set the PS5 apart from that…

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