Multiplatform PlayStation

PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden Discusses Bringing First-Party Games To Other Platforms

This past gaming generation has seen the top position shift to PlayStation this time around. Aside from the PS4’s initial cheaper costs and consumer-friendly policies, many have attributed the PS4’s…

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Dying Light 2 Confirmed For Next-Gen Consoles

Dying Light 2 Confirmed For Next-Gen Consoles

The folks over at Techland are aiming to deliver an experience with Dying Light 2 that improves in almost every way imaginable compared to the original title, offering players a…

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Xbox Scarlett And PS5's SSD Will Have Biggest Impact On Open World Games, Says Dev

Xbox Scarlett And PS5’s SSD Will Have Biggest Impact On Open World Games, Says Dev

Gamers are on the cusp of a new generation of consoles, with both Microsoft and Sony leading the charge with the Xbox Scarlett and the PlayStation 5, respectively. While there…

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Grand Theft Auto 6

Rumor: Major Grand Theft Auto 6 Leak Reveals New Story Details

With Rockstar’s latest title Red Dead Redemption 2 having arrived last year, fans are now turning their attention to the future of Rockstar, digging into whatever can be found concerning…

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New PlayStation 5 Details Could Mean The End Of Loading Screens Altogether

Though they’ve gotten faster over the years and in some cases, done in the background such as in open world titles, loading screens have played a major part in video…

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God Of War 2 Hinted At In New Santa Monica Studio Job Listings

God Of War 2 Hinted At In New Santa Monica Studios Job Listings

It is beginning to look as if our pal Cory Barlog may have concluded his much deserved vacation and his now heading back to the studio to work on what…

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e3 2019

Sony And Microsoft Aren’t “Screwing Up” Next-Gen, Says Todd Howard

While fans likely won’t be seeing the release of the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft until next year, that hasn’t stopped the hype train from leaving the…

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Rainbow Six Siege 2

Rainbow Six Siege 2 Not Likely, Devs Shooting For Next-Gen Support

When Rainbow Six Siege was initially released back in 2015, it wasn’t exactly the most successful start for the game. However, as time went on, Ubisoft kept at it with…

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PlayStation 5 Launch PS5

PS5 Backwards Compatibility Details Revealed Concerning Generational Issues

One of the biggest features that will be part of the upcoming PlayStation 5, and certainly one of the most requested, is backwards compatibility. Fans were ecstatic when Sony confirmed…

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PlayStation 5 Won't Feature A New Version Of PSVR At Launch

PlayStation 5 Won’t Feature A New Version Of PSVR At Launch

Based on all we’ve heard thus far, Sony’s PlayStation 5 will likely come packed with all the tools it needs to be considered worthy competition for Microsoft’s next console iteration….

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