Uncharted movie Tom Holland Nathan Drake

Uncharted Movie Delay Pushes Release Date To Next Year

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many industries, with the theatrical film industry being among the most notoriously affected. As most theaters remained closed for much of 2020, most major studios…

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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch

Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch Addresses Numerous Outstanding Issues

As PC gaming becomes more popular and cross-platform compatibility continues to be more and more popular, games that would have previously been thought to remain console exclusives are more frequently…

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God of War Studio

God Of War Studio Has Unannounced Project In The Works

As Sony continues the start of its newest console generation with the PlayStation 5, both the company and the platform’s fans look to the big future games set to arrive…

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Last of Us TV Adaptation

The Last Of Us TV Adaptation Confirms New Director

As the television and film industries gradually start resuming production, many of the biggest upcoming media projects just so happen to be adaptations of video games. Perhaps the most ambitious…

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PS5 Game Release Windows Removed From Sony's CES Hype Trailer

PS5 Game Release Windows Removed From Sony’s CES Hype Trailer

Last week, Sony released a trailer for its CES 2021 presentation narrated by Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan. The hype trailer included some sneak peeks at a…

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PS5 Controller faceplates

PS5 Controller Faceplates Being Sold By Third Party Company

­While the PlayStation 5 has been fairly difficult to obtain, PS5 owners have been living the new console. Debuting with the console is the new DualSense controller that has new…

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The Last of Us HBO Series "Just The Beginning" of PlayStation's New Media Plans

The Last of Us HBO Series “Just The Beginning” of PlayStation’s New Media Plans

Sony’s yearly presence at the Consumer Electronics Show doesn’t typically include any big product reveals, though President Jim Ryan made an appearance at CES 2021 to speak about what’s to…

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Project Athia, Other PS5 Game Release Windows Revealed

Project Athia, Other PS5 Game Release Windows Revealed

Sony doesn’t typically announce anything major at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show, with its presentations most often relegated to new info regarding its television and audio product lines. The company’s…

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PS4 Models

Sony Japan Is Discontinuing Nearly All PS4 Models

An exciting new generation at Sony has begun with the launch of the PlayStation 5. While the console has been notoriously difficult to obtain, the lucky customers that have one…

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Sony Is Auto-Refunding Those That Purchased Maneater On PS5

Sony Is Auto-Refunding Those That Purchased Maneater For PS5

The recent announcement of the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2021 has had an added benefit for those that already own one of the upcoming freebies. Sony has recently…

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