Overwatch’s Doomfist Released – Here’s Everything to Know About the New Anti-Hero (VIDEO)

Doomfist released

While Blizzard’s popular FPS has only been out for a little over a year, it seems like far longer since the anticipation for Doomfist’s arrival began. With each new hero that has been introduced over recent months, the teasing has always pointed fans towards the elusive character. Well, the community itself has also played a big part in this, but we’ve all been antsy for his appearance. Today, it all ends. With Overwatch‘s Doomfist released onto the PTR, players can now check out everything he has to offer. But first, let’s all watch the origin story that Blizzard has unveiled:

In conjunction with the above video, a developer update was also revealed. Jeff Kaplan, clad in yet another awesome Overwatch jersey, goes through everything players will need to know now with Doomfist released. We learn that Reaper is not the sole leader of Talon, the terrorist organization that brings anguish to our favorite heroes. What makes Doomfist such an important part of the console that runs Talon is his ideology that people become more powerful through conflict. Plus, with Winston putting Doomfist in jail, it’s inevitable that the two factions engage in glorious combat.

With Doomfist released on the Public Test Realm, fans are now able to see what Overwatch‘s 25th (anti)hero is capable of. As one might imagine, that gauntlet of his provides some serious power in his quest to destroy everything and everyone. With crushing blows, a devastating ultimate, and a bit of shields, this character is sure to become a fan favorite. Check out the list of his abilities below, followed by the dev update video:

  • Main fire: Hand Cannon
    • Short-range weapon with spread. Reloads Automatically
  • Alt fire: Rocket Punch
    • Hold to charge then release to launch forward and knock an enemy back. Damage increases if the enemy hits a wall
  • Shift: Rising Uppercut
    • Knock an enemy into the air.
  • E: Seismic Slam 
    • Leap forward and smash the ground.
  • Ultimate: Meteor Strike
    • Press Q to leap up into the air. Mov the targeting circle, then press fire to strike the targeted area.
  • Passive: The Best Defense
    • Dealing damage with abilities creates temporary personal shields.

It’s hard to believe that the day has finally come in which we see Doomfist released, but it is real. After just being teased a couple days ago, it was definitely expected in the near future. However, people probably weren’t planning on it being this soon. In any case, Doomfist is sure to spend a bit of quality time in the PTR before being released into the live game. Check back in with Don’t Feed the Gamers for future character reveals and more!

What say you, heroes? Did you expect this day to be the one with Doomfist released by the end of it? Are you already in trying him out in the PTR? What do you like about the character? Anything that needs to be changed? Are you disappointed that it doesn’t seem like Terry Crews got the job? Sound off in the comments section below, and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! If it’s more reading that you’re needing, check out the following:

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