New Overwatch Lore Arrives and Brings With it – Yup, More Doomfist Teasers!

Overwatch lore

It seems like the Overwatch community can’t get enough of the “will he, won’t he” with the rumored new character to hit the hero roster on Blizzard’s popular FPS. Doomfist rumors have been abound for months, even Terry Crews can’t get enough! If there is one thing that Overwatch is good for, it’s the fantastic lore layered behind these powerful characters. In a new update on the official website, the Overwatch lore got a few upgrades alongside a few more neon signs pointing to Doomfist’s arrival … finally!

Three months after initial reports of an incident at Helix Security International’s classified maximum security installation, a more complete picture of what happened has emerged. Information and details of what happened were scarce as has been any news from the installation, said to be a prison for the world’s most dangerous threats. However, after recent events in Numbani, it can now be confirmed that what occurred was an attack by the Talon organization with the express purpose of freeing one man: Akande Ogundimu, better known as Doomfist.”

Doomfist acquired his name after his famed and extremely powerful gauntlet. Fans clamored when they say the infamous piece of equipment suspiciously missing in one map during PTR in what showed the aftermath of the fateful Numbani attack, which is mentioned in the official lore update. With the gauntlet missing, players assumed that meant the two were reunited and that meant the impending reveal of Doomfist – but the community was met with silence. The details shown in the lore, however, may prove that his arrival is imminent and possible even revealed at this year’s Gamescom.

It began in the early hours of the morning, when an unidentified aircraft approached the facility. Security initially reported that the craft had no passengers on board, based on radar scans. The craft passed through the range of the installation’s defense systems without incident, leading some to believe that Talon has moles within Helix. Video surveillance from within the compound revealed a black shadowy figure emerging from the craft and descending upon the prison grounds. The unidentified assailant easily overcame the Helix security agents, leaving over a dozen dead. Medical records of the casualties reveal injuries and cellular degeneration matching other incidents involving the mercenary known as the Reaper, all but confirming the incursion as a Talon attack.

Helix officials have been unwilling to reveal whether or not there were additional escapees or items taken from the facility, but sources have indicated that it is likely that there were further security breaches in addition to Ogundimu.”

The full “report” can be seen on their website here for more clues on the highly anticipated new anti-hero. Whether it is another ruse or not remains to be seen, but it seems like the time of Doomfist might finally be upon us! Stick with us here at DFTG for all things Overwatch and other gaming and entertainment news. Don’t forget to also check us out on Twitter for our live 24 hour news feed all day, every day.

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