Destiny 2 Highlight: “The Farm” Social Space, New Soccer Mini Game, and More! (VIDEO)

Bungie has revealed a replacement for the Tower from the first Destiny game that is now destroyed at the beginning of the sequel. The new social space is called The Farm and players can check it out as well as all the new features in the Destiny 2 highlight video below. There’s even a new soccer mini game. Check it out:

In this Destiny 2 highlight, gamers get a tour of The Farm while Bungie’s Ryan Ebenger speaks about some of the new features of the latest social space. There will be a handful of new activities, and while Ebenger doesn’t go into a lot of detail about them all, the video does highlight an area of The Farm where Guardians can play soccer with each other. Even though kicking a ball around is nothing new to Destiny players, this time there are working goals so you don’t have to use your imagination.

It may bring some comfort to know that Tyra Karn will be the primary Cryptarch at The Farm(familiar faces are always a plus), and Ebenger also goes into detail about how the Bungie team went the extra mile to help players have a great experience in the new social space. They have included new flare items to draw the other Guardians’ attention, all sorts of activities, and new discoveries.

destiny 2 highlight

The Destiny 2 beta is supposed to launch in a couple weeks and gamers will most likely be able to check out The Farm for themselves. The actual game release is set for September 6th for Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, PC gamers will need to wait until October 24th to get their hands on the title.

Did you enjoy watching that Destiny 2 highlight video? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming sequel? Let us know what you think of The Farm in the comments section below, and then head to the DFTG Twitter page to stay updated on all the hottest gaming news 24/7!

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