New Overwatch Paris Map Now Available In PTR (VIDEO)

Overwatch Paris

Overwatch is still going strong into 2019, and the beloved multiplayer shooter shows no sign of slowing down in the new year. The game is already kicking off 2019 with a bang with Lunar New Year-themed events and hero costumes, which are surely plentiful enough for players to find something worth celebrating. The game has also not slowed down in the realm of adding new maps to the game, with the Busan map added last September as the latest addition. Now, Blizzard has revealed the new Overwatch Paris map, and has made it available for some players to test out for themselves.

As reported on Variety, Blizzard added the new Overwatch Paris map to their PTR server for PC players. Yes, the romantic City of Lights has found itself and its iconic landmarks represented in the favorite multiplayer game. Parisian staples, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Seine river, are present, not to mention other locations that put an Overwatch spin on french culture, such as the Caberet Luna which features a singing Luna. The map also has several Overwatch-themed French posters littered throughout the locations.

The map is available for testing by PC players on the PTR server. The latest update to the server, which included this map, also makes non-recoverable health, shields and armor to be consumed before their recoverable counterparts. Between the numerous gardens, quaint bistros and dirty alleyways, new Paris map certainly seems to capture the spirit of the world-class city. Hopefully the French Overwatch hero Widowmaker approves of its design. What do you guys think about the Overwatch Paris map? Let us know in the comments below!

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