Nolan North Comments On Uncharted 5 Possibility

Nolan North Uncharted 5

The Uncharted series has hosted some of the bestselling PlayStation games ever, and the franchise has proven to be valuable enough to Sony to be turned into a major film. With Tom Holland starring as a young Nathan Drake, fans will be shown a part of the story never seen before that will hopefully still feel like Uncharted. Now the video game actor has commented on the possibility of an Uncharted 5, and whether or not he would return to portray Nathan Drake, if asked.

Nathan Drake voice and motion capture actor Nolan North recently spoke with about the Uncharted franchise and his future involvement with it. When asked if he would consider returning to portray Nathan Drake for a hypothetical Uncharted 5, North had this to say:

I’m satisfied with it if this truly is the end, which I believe it is. I’m okay with it, but if there were ever a chance they wanted to drag me back out into the mo-cap suit, I’m not gonna lie, I try to keep myself in shape just for that day! Over the years, he just became more and more like me, and I became like him, aside from climbing and shooting things. It’s never anything I would say no to. I would always want to continue that role if they ever wanted me back.”

Naughty Dog has not announced any future Uncharted projects, and their past statements seemed to suggest Uncharted 4 would be the definitive end of Nathan Drake’s story. Nolan North also suggests that he may be embodying a new Nathan Drake-level iconic character, separate from his current work as Tony Stark in Marvel’s Avengers. North is easily one of the most in-demand actors in gaming, so it would make sense that projects would put him at the top of their lists for roles. Hopefully North’s next role is one worthy of Nathan Drake’s scarf’s legacy.

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