Overwatch Halloween Skins

Overwatch Halloween Trailer Leaks Early – Even MORE Skins Revealed (VIDEO)

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event is back and officially kicks off today. We’ve shown off the amazing Zenyatta, Symmetra, and Mei skins leaked earlier this week but it looks like…

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Destiny 2 – Acquiring a Sparrow Takes a Little Time, Here’s How to Get Yours

For the gamers who had the pleasure of playing the first Destiny, we all remember the joys of zipping through the vast environments on your very own Sparrow. This includes…

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Destiny 2 update

Fast Travel System Detailed as New Map Debuts in Latest Destiny 2 Trailer (VIDEO)

Destiny 2 is going to have a lot of new features for both veterans and newbies of the franchise. A slew of new trailers and leaks have been hitting the…

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User-Friendly Destiny 2 Trailer Gives Newcomers a Chance to Catch Up (VIDEO)

When the first Destiny launched, there was a lot of mixed critique about the FPS from Bungie. Many felt that the game was misrepresented and over-hyped prior to launch, and…

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New Overwatch Animated Short and Map Announcement Coming Next Week – Junkertown?

Plus, we think we know what the new map is … Gamescom is almost upon us and with it, a lot of exciting announcements are on the horizon. Gaming powerhouse…

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Tom Clancy's: The Division

Tom Clancy’s: The Division Patch 1.7 Releases Today – Check Out the New Features Here (VIDEO)

For over a month, Ubisoft‘s studio Massive Entertainment has had Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players of Tom Clancy’s: The Division play a pre-release of the upcoming update 1.7. This…

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Destiny 2's reworked Clan system

Bungie Listened to Fan Feedback – Destiny 2 PC Beta Changes Outlined Here

Bungie made it clear that they were going to do this beta right and keep the purpose for this play period true to beta meaning: actual player feedback, not just…

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Bend it Like Lucio – The Summer Games are BACK in Overwatch This Month! (VIDEO)

A new month, a new event in the hit FPS from Blizzard: Overwatch. The popular shooter continues to be a smashing success and that’s in no small part to the…

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Doomfist: The Latest Overwatch Anti-Hero From Blizzard is Now Live + Full Patch Notes (VIDEO)

After endless teasers, countless speculation, a new comic, and a PTR testing period – The Overwatch Anti-Hero is out of prison and straight into the game as of now. No…

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Killing Floor 2 Feature

Zombie Co-Op Shooter ‘Killing Floor 2’ Headed to Xbox One Next Month

Nothing builds friendships quite like slaying hordes of zombies and now it seems that Xbox One players are about to get in on that favored past time. Tripwire Interactive’s first-person…

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