Every Animated Short for Blizzard’s Overwatch All In One Place – See Beyond the Game [VIDEOS]

It is not a secret that Blizzard’s Overwatch, their latest IP to take the world by storm, is the talk of the gaming community this year. This insanely explosive FPS (first person shooter) enveloped fans globally and enraptured players with the bits and pieces of these epic hero’s backstories. Blizzard has not left gamers disappointed. Ranging from comics, to amazing collectibles, to in-depth animated shorts, and a constant influx of new content – it is safe to say that this is one title that won’t fade away into oblivion any time soon.

As an immersive step into the elaborate histories of some of these characters, Blizzard has released a series of videos to give fans an inside look at to how some of these characters came to be the heroes we love fighting as. And the best part? They aren’t done yet – Blizzard has confirmed that more shorts, more backstories, and more lovable characters are definitely on the way.

Here is the list of Animated Shorts released to date (this will update accordingly):

  • “Recall” – Winston
  • “Alive” – Widowmaker
  • “Dragons” – Hanzo and his brother Genji
  • “Hero” – Soldier 76
  • “The Last Bastion” – Bastion
  • “Infiltration” – Sombra
  • “Origin Story” – Orisa
  • “Rise and Shine” – Mei
  • “Honor and Glory” – Reinhardt
  • “Untitled” – Moira

Each video will have fans squealing in delight or reeling from some major feels as cameos of fan favourites also make their appearances. Seeing the history come alive, some of the one-liners that happen when waiting for a match will also make a bit more sense as these backstories illuminate how these characters evolved their own relationships with the other heroes. Check them out for yourself and sound off with your thoughts below on whose story touched you the most. Who is your main and who you can’t STAND to go toe to toe with? Shout out and share your thoughts!

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