Overwatch 2 Video Shows Off Overwatch 1 Hero Design Changes (VIDEO)

Now that we have our Overwatch 2 reveal following an entire year or rumors and leaks, the sequel-not-sequel is well under way. While not a true sequel, more of an expansion, the game not only brings with it an actual story but some swagalicious design changes to some of our favorite heroes – including my man boy Lucio.

Which heroes look different in Overwatch 2?

Thanks to the below video from YouTuber ‘Cycu1’, we have a side-by-side comparison of all of the heroic design changes. Even though I despise her, which is something I went in more detail with during this same topic I wrote about over on Twin Galaxies,  Mei’s new design definitely makes her look comfier. And don’t even get me started on the sweet new digs Genji Shimada is rocking, because DAMN.

Mercy is sporting a new “can I speak to your manager” ‘do while Reinhardt is rocking the ever-lovin’ shit out of that ponytail. There’s glory to won, and style to be had, and our heroes definitely look like they’ve benefited from their time away from Overwatch.

You can learn more about Overwatch 2 and what the new additions mean for Overwatch 1 players with some of our other amazing coverage below:

While we don’t have a release date at this time for when Overwatch 2, we do at least have these sick design changes to enjoy. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, we might not be seeing Overwatch 2 for a long time – but at least we have an answer as to why the current state of Overwatch has dropped a bit in new content support.

Excited to see what Overwatch 2 will bring to the table or is what’s going on with the Hong Kong protests enough to put you off of any Blizzard titles? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, or hit us up over on Twitter @YouFedtheGamers for even more gaming goodness.

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