Brand New Overwatch Comic Hightlights Bastion and Torbjorn’s First Meeting – “Binary”

Even if you haven’t tried out Blizzard’s FPS Overwatch, we’re willing to bet you still know a ton about it considering how large and expansive the fan-base is alone. Pair that with intense animated shorts, a comic series, and a roster of ever expanding heroes – it’s not hard to get swept up in the hype that is Blizzard’s popular shooter. We’ve got good news for Bastion and Torbjorn fans! Blizzard just released a brand new Overwatch comic digitally that features the two masters of annihilation.

The comic in question is an excellent bridge between the gaps in the overall Overwatch timeline. This game is more than just a simple shooter, the voice lines pre-matches, the comics, short films, and more all give this elaborate netting of intricate stories and histories that intertwine these characters together, despite their obvious differences. The latest comic to drop gives excellent insight into how these two unlikely heroes came to be comrades in arms.

Binary is the title of the latest comic to highlight a hero (or heroes) of choice and this particular one follows the first meeting of the bird-loving robot Bastion and the turret connoisseur Torbjorn. The setting for this comic takes place in Sweden and during a town meeting, Torbjorn offers up his specific type of services when the locals fear that the roaming machine will attack their people (which, understandable – the way Bastion lets himself be known was a tad dramatic). Little did they know, that machine was Bastion and he’s a peaceful little guy that doesn’t actually intend any harm.

Torbjorn has an intense history with these machines during the Omnic Crises, and those bloody memories haunt him as this ‘expressive’ dwarf goes to confront the unbeknownst robot. The initial interaction goes about how you would expect, given Torbjorn’s past, but that quickly subsides when he realises that Bastion doesn’t have any ill motives – he’s just trying to survive. To follow the rest of their adventures in this 12 page digital comic, mosey on over here to see the rest for yourself!

Don’t think this is it for this highly loved shooter – the developing team behind this popular title promised fans “tons of story-related content” in the near future. This could mean even more elaborate animated shorts, more comics, and even a few more surprising character reveals! And if you haven’t met Orisa yet, you can read our first impressions of her right here to get acquainted.  To always stay up to date in all of the latest news ala Overwatch, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all of your gaming and entertainment fixes live 24/7!

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