New Overwatch Comic ‘Reflections’ Reveals First Official LGBTQ Character, and Address Popular ‘Ship’ Theories

The most recent Overwatch comic released today is the tenth and final comic for the year of 2016, titled “Reflections.” It features most of the heroes in a very vulnerable or personal situation with…or without family this holiday season. From here on out, there may be spoilers especially concerning relationships you may have had your eye on. Perhaps the OTPs you have been rooting for are true. The story begins in London, with Tracer doing some last minute shopping. It’s snowing heavily outside – with shopping centers and boutiques swamped.

[You have been warned. Spoilers, here on out.]

Tracer is the first, officially announced, LGBTQ character of the Overwatch universe. Her partner is Emily, a person and character fans have not met before. Her last name is unknown, but the both of them share a flat in London. The comic hints at the King’s Row map. This is some unfortunate news for fans supporting Widow and Tracer relationship theories. As of now, it is debunked as a possibility.

Some are on the more positive side of it all.

The comic also reveals some of the melancholy realities that come with the holidays, especially for those without families. Give Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes for example, seen in an alleyway, watching a happy family walking away. Perhaps the family holds some significance to his backstory. Perhaps not. On the other hand, can someone please explain why Torbjörn Lindholm has so many children? Unless Reinhardt Wilhelm had children Overwatch fans are unaware of, Torbjörn has a total of 8 kids and an orange cat with black stripes.

The comic doesn’t confirm or deny a Genji Shimada and Angela “Mercy” Ziegler relationship either. As seen on the image below, Genji can be seen in the upper left corner writing on parchment with a quill. On the lower right hand corner, Mercy can be seen reading a letter with, what fans may assume, the same quill Genji used. Other than that, the interaction doesn’t say much. It could very well be a platonic relationship, between lifesaver and patient. Or, it could be something much more. This probably means that Pharah and Mercy, also known as “Pharmercy,” is a no-go. Unless they decided to take the holidays off to do their own thing – Mercy set off to do philanthropic medical work, while Pharah spends the holidays with her dad? Who knows!

Fareeha “Pharah” Amari can be seen dining with someone. Could it be her dad, or perhaps she is dating an gentleman a bit older than she? Mako “Roadhog” Rutledge and Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes are up to all sorts of fun, as seen on the lower left corner leaving an amusement park. Hanzo Shimada wears a very different, albeit casual outfit, showing off his modern fashion sense. And it looks like he may be a fan of sweets – particularly strawberry cakes.

Amélie “Widowmaker” Lacroix mourns her late husband at his grave, which may leave fans wondering – “Does that mean she knows she killed him?” Or, is there more to her husband’s story than fans think? Meanwhile, Jesse McCree is passed out drunk at the bar, as Sombra looks at her drink with disdain nearby. Those in support of Ana and Reinhardt may have some straws to grasp onto. You can connect her downward gaze toward his comic panel as a sign of a love once had, perhaps? She may have a clear sight on him from her window. It is rather disheartening, however, to see Jack “Soldier 76” Morrison looks down at the photo in his hands forlornly. Who are the two in the photo? Is one of the persons him?

Last, but not least, Tracer makes it to Winston’s Watchtower with Emily for dinner. A little late, but arrives nonetheless.

There are other hints in the “Reflections” comic regarding other character that did not show up, which you can check out here. Otherwise, what do you think of “Reflections”, if you’ve read it already? What are your theories on ships and couples now that this issue has been released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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