First Impressions – Why Orisa is the Perfect Tank in Blizzard’s Overwatch (OPINION)

First Impressions

If Bastion, D.Va, and Reinhardt all had one too many drinks and had a super fun time in a bar bathroom, Orisa would be their love child. Wait … let me explain.

Players all over the world that go head to head in Blizzard’s wildly popular FPS Overwatch are definitely taken care of by the team behind the shooter. With a constant circulation of new events, always prevalent tweaks to better gameplay, and new characters/maps constantly being added to the roster – it’s no wonder that the hype around the heroes of Overwatch will never die (see what I did there?).

Earlier this week, the mysterious new character that Blizzard has been teasing for what feels like forever has finally been revealed in PTR (Public Test Realm) and for once – I instantly fell in love with a new character! The previous two new additions were Ana (a sniper healer) and Sombra (a run and gun hacker) and though they were solid with their character backstory, as a player I never really felt connected to their play style. So when a new hero made its way to the roster, I had all fingers and toes crossed for a new addition I could finally fall in love with. And it happened … it finally happened! When I let rip the first gravitational bomb and unleashed a torrential down pour of bullets, I knew that this centaurian robot was mine for the taking.

First – let me just give an overview of her abilities so you can get a good look at what she can do mechanically:

  • Fusion Drive
    • A rapid-fire three-barreled gun that is mounted to Orisa’s arm – think Bastion meets D.V
    • Steady aim, extremely powerful
  • Halt
    • Think Zarya’s ultimate attack with the gravitational pull, but less active time
    • Perfect for pulling enemies off of a cliff edge (Not that we’d do that. That’s rude)
    • Perfect for teaming up with a team that communicates
    • Very short duration period
  • Fortify
    • Fortification to Orisa’s armor – makes her immune to pretty much any tank attack and a 50% reduction in damage in-take
    • Perfect ability to survive Ultimates
  • Protective Barrier
    • Similar to Symetra’s new barrier mixed with Reinhardt. Where Reinhardt’s is attached to his person, Orisa’s projects outwards and away to provide wider coverage
    • Barrier can last up to 20 seconds
    • 900 health total
  • Supercharger – “Q”
    • Orisa’s Ultimate – the Supercharger is a simple little beam that is grounded and shoots a beam to all nearby team members
    • Grants buffs to Orisa and all allies – though not flashy, definitely effective
    • Increase damage dealty by 50%
    • 25 meter radius and can potentially last up to 15 seconds

The creation of Orisa, the backstory video that Blizzard unveiled to introduce this robot to the world, was unique and oddly inspiring. After an attack on the Numbani airport by Doomfist, the 11 year old genius inventor Efi Oladele saw a broken down OR15 defense bot and recommissioned her to help keep the peace. Efi is adorable and the glimpse you see of her in the video above is enough to put heart into the creation of Overwatch’s newest tank. At the end of the day, Orisa isn’t the same as Reaper or the other fallen Overwatch crew – Orisa just wants to keep you safe. Doesn’t that just give you the warm and fuzzies?

Before I found my love for Zenyatta – my mains bounced between D.Va and Soldier – but I have been known to go the Reinhardt route when in a pinch. I like to go in and do damage, so those three characters suit my gaming M.O. That’s why I think Orisa is the perfect tank in Overwatch. It takes the rapid fire of D.Va and Bastion, pairs it with Zarya’s gravitational power, and blends it with the sturdiness and shielding capabilities of Reinhardt. She’s the best of so many different worlds, there’s not just one way to play her. Because of this versatility, Orisa makes a fantastic defensive character as well as an offensive hero.

Another thing I really dig about this addition is that even though she’s a robot, she still has a ton of personality. Bastion is entirely robotic, despite his touching animated short. Orisa is a character through and through – her emotes come through on an individual level and her voice lines are hearty – not just a series of beeps (we get it, Bastion, you’re comin’). All in all, Orisa is the perfect hero to be added to the roster. Now it’s time to get another “baddie” … the edgy grandpas Reaper and Soldier 76 are getting lonely.

What are your guys thoughts on Orisa so far? Love her, hate her, or leave her in the dust? What else would you like to see from Blizzard’s popular shooter? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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