Monster Hunter World: Earn The Sakura Armor Set From Street Fighter V, Quest Begins Soon!

Sakura Armor

Both Monster Hunter World and Capcom’s Street Fighter series have come into contact with each other once before now with a mission which players tussled with monsters in order to unlock the Ryu armor set. Now the second part to the Rumble in the New World is coming soon and players will have a chance to be rewarded with the Sakura armor set that allows players to embody Ryu’s number one fan in-game.

Similar to the previous Ryu event, players will be able to obtain a new armor set featuring Sakura after successful completion. This time around, the quest will consist of three parts leading up to a fight with a Pink Rathian which will drop the materials needed for the Sakura armor set. In order to jump into the fun, players will need to be at least Hunter Rank 12 to gain access.

Sakura Armor

The second Street Fighter V crossover event will be available May 3rd to May 10th, which means players will need to act fast if they want that sweet armor set.  More details about the event are expected to release soon, so stay tuned with us here at DFTG while we continue to gush over the amazing post-launch content that continues to emerge.

One thing is for sure, Capcom is certainly living up to their promise of amazing attention to the game even post-launch. Let us know your thoughts on the Sakura armor set and the previous Monster Hunter World events in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

For more new additions to the latest game, check out some of the main points from the latest patch that went live shortly below:

Major Additions and Changes

  • An Interface menu and an option called HUD/Help Text Size have been added under the Options menu on the title screen. You can now adjust HUD text size to be larger than the default size.
  • To go along with this new option, the “Subtitle Text Size” option added in PS4 Ver 2.00/Xbox One has been moved from the in-game options menu to the title screen options menu.
  • A feature to sort investigations has been added to the Manage Investigations screen.
  • You can now sell all Trade-in Items at once when selling items.
  • Pressing the Square button on PS4 or X button on Xbox One allows you to switch between the Decoration name and Skill name when setting decorations.
  • You can now preview armor at the Smithy even with Layered Armor equipped.
  • An update has been made to squad management so players who haven’t logged in for 30 days aren’t automatically kicked from the squad.
  • A tweak has been made so the camera is not forced to follow an active Scoutfly trail when fast traveling or returning to camp after fainting.
  • You can now cultivate Ivy at Botanical Research.
  • If a field researcher with important dialogue is present during an Expedition, an exclamation mark (!) will be displayed beside that character’s name on the World Map when departing.
  • The Search Via Play History description text has been reworded to be easier to understand. The function itself has not changed.
    • Previous: Search for an Online Session that you joined based on your play history.
    • Now: Search for an Online Session based on your play history.
      (Cannot find a previous met player if they’ve left the Online Session.)
  • Flash Pod effectiveness against Tempered Monsters will gradually decline after multiple uses, and will cease to have any effect at all after a certain point.
  • To coincide with the Tempered Monster’s increased resistance to flash pods, the special rewards from Tempered Monster Investigations have been reworked to produce better results.
    • Threat Level 1 Special Rewards will now produce Warped Feystones.
    • Threat Level 2 Special Rewards will now produce Shining Streamstones.
    • Threat Level 3 Special Rewards will produce Shining Streamstones more frequently.

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