Monster Hunter World

New Monster Hunter World Trailer Showcases Glavenus And More (VIDEO)

A massive “Brute Wyvern” the Glavenus is a terrifying beast capable of breathing fire and wields a sword-like tail that the beast can wreath in flames and use to devastating…

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All Monster Hunter World Seasonal Events Return Later This Month

Since Monster Hunter World’s launch on PS4 and Xbox One in 2018, there have been numerous DLC to bring in cosmetic changes, gestures, texture changes, and into the dangerous hunting…

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Capcom Discusses Monster Hunter World's Massive Success

Capcom Discusses Monster Hunter: World’s Massive Success

Monster Hunter: World is riding a serious high right now thanks to the upcoming release of its highly anticipated Iceborne expansion. Featuring a slew of new and veteran monsters, as…

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Monster Hunter World Now Free To Play On PS4 For A Limited Time

Monster Hunter World Now Free To Play On PS4 For A Limited Time

Capcom has been particularly busy this past week. During Sony’s recent State of Play stream, it was revealed that the latest upcoming expansion for Monster Hunter World, titled Iceborne, would…

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Monster Hunter World Iron Man One Punch Man

Iron Man And One Punch Man Invade Monster Hunter: World With These Mods (VIDEO)

Mods sure are the gift that keep on giving. Many gamers take to the modding community to improve their experience in a particular title, whether it be through actually improving…

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April Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Adding Six New Titles, Including Monster Hunter World

Those who subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass known that it’s quite a fantastic deal. Over 100 titles are available to players for the very reasonable price of $9.99 a…

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The Witcher's Monster Hunter World Crossover Event Is Now Live, Ciri Included

The Witcher’s Monster Hunter World Crossover Event Is Now Live, Ciri Included

Earlier this year, Capcom made the surprise announcement that CD Projekt RED’s Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series would be invading Monster Hunter World in a special crossover event….

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Capcom ranked

Capcom Ranked Top Publisher of 2018 By Metacritic

2018 proved to be a big year in gaming, delivering many high quality titles that have brought the medium to new heights. There were several titles that were strong competitors…

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Monster Hunter World Receives Alien Xenomorph Queen Mod (VIDEO)

Monster Hunter World and Aliens Collide With This Xenomorph Queen Mod (VIDEO)

As anyone who’s the played TGA-winning RPG knows, Monster Hunter World is filled to capacity with monstrous creatures ready to deal out death to unprepared players. However, it appears this ever-present…

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Monster Hunter World's 'The Witcher' Crossover Launches Next Month

Monster Hunter World’s ‘The Witcher’ Crossover Launches Next Month (VIDEO)

Capcom’s Monster Hunter World has been no stranger to crossover events, the most recent of which being the Assassin’s Creed event that arrived late last year for PS4 and Xbox…

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