Marvel and the Hoff Team-Up for Groovy “Guardians Inferno” Music Video (VIDEO)

Guardians Inferno" Music Video (VIDEO)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was a big hit this summer for the film’s use of crazy cosmic lore and the lovely soundtrack arranged by director James Gunn. One of the most admired sections of the Marvel Studios film was the creative closing credits where, intercut between numerous mid-credit scenes, was the gloriously disco-tastic track “Guardians Inferno” can be heard playing while David Hasselhoff delivers some deliciously cheesy lyrics.

With the film’s upcoming Blu-ray release on August 22nd looming, Gunn has been teasing a big announcement over the last few days with many thinking it was a possible Vol. 3 official announcement or perhaps an Avengers: Infinity War trailer. What was released instead was arguably much better: a dazzlingly retro music video for “Guardians Inferno” featuring the cast of Guardians decked out in groovy 70s costumes. You can check out the video for yourself below:

The video for The Sneepers featuring David Hasselhoff’s “Guardians Inferno” will surely be a highlight of any Marvel fan‘s day. Dancing away in the glittery montage of awesome are numerous members the Guardians team, made almost unrecognizable by their fabulous attire. James Gunn himself appears as a drummer in the band sporting only the most manly of sideburns.

As with any and all Marvel movies, Stan Lee makes a fitting cameo as does Star-Lord actor Chris Pratt, revealing himself to be the music video’s funky dancing robot. The video comes to a close when David Hasselhoff (renamed “Zardu Hasselfrau” for the video) offers the valuable advice: “In these times of hardship, just remember: We. Are. Groot.”

Guardians Inferno" Music Video (VIDEO)

What do you think? Is “Guardians Inferno” your new far-out jam to party down with, or are you not impressed with the funkadelic proceedings? Let us now in the comments below and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! If more Marvel new is up your alley, check out these next few links below:

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