Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers Details Customization, Missions In New Overview Trailer (VIDEO)

With plenty of time to go before Marvel’s Avengers arrives for players to enjoy, there is still much to learn about the highly anticipated title. That said, a recent overview…

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Spider-Man Sideshow

New Spider-Man Collectible Statue Pays Tribute To PS4 Game

The past year has been quite an impressive year for everyone’s favorite web slinger. Spider-Man finally won an Oscar thanks to Into The Spiderverse, the MCU version of the character…

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Marvel's Avengers Trailer Reveals Kamala Khan's 'Ms. Marvel' Outfit (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Reveals Kamala Khan’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ Outfit (VIDEO)

There’s a lot of great stuff in store for fans of Marvel Comics hero Ms. Marvel. After Carol Danvers started going by Captain Marvel and passed the torch to teenage…

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Iron Man VR Deluxe Edition And Pre-Order Bonus Details Revealed

Iron Man VR will launch exclusively on the PlayStation VR next year, bringing fans of Marvel a first-person experience as Tony Stark in his gloriously high-tech red and gold suit….

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Marvel's Avengers Stark Tech Suits Revealed

Marvel’s Avengers Stark Tech Suits Revealed

Yesterday proved to be quite exciting for those looking forward to Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers game. At New York Comic Con, publisher Square Enix unveiled brand new footage of the…

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spider-man black cat feat

New Spider-Man Comic Series Sheds Light On The Black Cat

New York Comic-Con has kicked off for the weekend and fans from every corner of the Marvel universe are in for a treat. From exciting announcements and reveals to exclusive…

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warhammer comic series marvel games workshop (1)

Warhammer Comic Series Announced By Marvel And Games Workshop

Games Workshop and Marvel Entertainment are teaming up for a Warhammer comic and graphic novel series. As a franchise that was popularized by the tabletop miniatures, which eventually evolved into…

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Marvel's Avengers Thor

Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Thunderous New Thor Gameplay (VIDEO)

Crystal Dynamics has revealed new gameplay for Marvel’s Avengers on their official Twitter. Over the past couple of months, Marvel’s Avengers has revealed gameplay footage for each of the main…

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Marvel's Avengers Releases Combat Showcase Trailer Featuring Black Widow (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers Releases Combat Showcase Trailer Featuring Black Widow (VIDEO)

Regardless of whether you’re on board with it or just not feeling the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game from Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix, the title’s release date is as inevitable…

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Marvel's Avengers Reveals Iron Man's 'Original Sin' Outfit (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Iron Man’s ‘Original Sin’ Outfit (VIDEO)

Developer Crystal Dynamics is pulling out all the stops for its upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game, and part of the studio’s missions is to provide players with as many customization options…

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