Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Launch Trailer

Spider-Man PS4 Debuts Exciting Gameplay Launch Trailer (VIDEO)

Insomniac Games has touted the biggest Spider-Man game ever made in the title’s lead-up to its launch, showcasing numerous character inclusions, web-slinging world traversal, and a compelling narrative following the…

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‘Venom’ Movie Trailer Gets A Hilarious Family Guy Mashup (VIDEO)

The latest trailer for Sony’s upcoming Venom film is intense and almost entirely serious. It was both dark and brooding, giving fans a lot of hope for the film’s success…

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Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 Rated “Teen” For Depictions Of Violence, Drugs, And Suicide

PlayStation 4 is getting a Marvel-ous new adventure starring the red and blue web-head Spider-Man, and developer Insomniac Games has built a fair amount of anticipation for the incoming title….

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GEN CON ’18: Hands On With KICK-ASS

Kick-Ass was something of an anomaly when it originally released in 2008.  Mark Millar was guaranteed a movie deal before he had even finished the first run of his now…

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GEN CON ’18: Hands-On With Marvel Legendary’s MCU Set

Gen Con 2018 has officially wrapped and all of Tabletop’s biggest names came out to show off what they’ve got coming soon.  Upper Deck was present with an enormous booth…

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Marvel’s Stan Lee Will No Longer Hold Public Autograph Signings And For Good Reason

Stan Lee is the iconic face of Marvel. From his lineage as an executive and writer in the company to his reprising cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Outside of…

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Spider-Man Stealth Gameplay Is All Kinds Of Arkham

New Spider-Man Stealth Gameplay Is All Kinds Of Arkham (VIDEO)

Marvel’s New York-centric web-slinger is heading to the PlayStation 4 in just over a month’s time and the hype surrounding the Spider-Man game is at a considerable peak. Developer Insomniac…

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James Gunn Rumor Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Meeting With Disney

RUMOR: Guardians Of The Galaxy Director James Gunn Meeting With Disney About Re-Hiring

Earlier this month, Guardians of the Galaxy writer and director James Gunn was fired from Marvel Studios and Disney following discovery of offensive posts on Twitter. The notorious tweets were…

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Spider-Man PS4

Spider-Man PS4 Accidentally Spoils Surprise Villain Reveal

Spider-Man PS4 is looking to be the web-slinger’s most definitive and content-filled video game yet, with the promise of an open-world New York, a character-filled story, and some pretty crisp…

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Venom Gets Sassy In Brand New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

‘Venom’ Gets Sassy In Epic New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Ever since the first trailer for Marvel’s Venom arrived earlier this year, fans have been divided on how they felt about the Symbiote’s debut on the big screen. Is the…

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