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Batman Arkham Studio Working On "Major" DC Universe Project (VIDEO)

Ever since the definitive conclusion of the Batman Arkham series, a number of big follow-up projects have been rumored to...

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Elon Musk Says 'Half-Life 3' Is "Next," 'Fallout: New Vegas' Is A "No"

While Elon Musk is normally associated with electric cars, space rockets, and conceptualizing weapons of death, the wealthy investor...

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Luke Cage Cancelled At Netflix After Two Seasons

Marvel’s Netflix series’ have been offering viewers a look at the darker side of the MCU, beginning with the...

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GTA 5 Cheaters Raided After Rockstar Obtains Search And Seizure Warrant

As Grand Theft Auto 5 has become such a titanic success, the open world landscape of its online mode...

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Rainbow Six Siege Deploying Numerous Bug Fixes, Full Patch Notes

The team-based tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has been in the midst of implementing numerous refinements over the last few...

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Fortnite: The Floating Cube Island Is Acting Weird Again (VIDEO)

Season 6 of Fortnite has unleashed a purple corruption upon the game’s map, one that began as a mysterious...

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Blizzard Addresses Rumored Diablo Appearance At BlizzCon

Diablo has certainly been tangled around the rumor mill as of late, with speculation regarding cross-play and a possible...

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Throwback Thursday Actor Spider-Man Universes

Marvel’s web-slinging wall-crawler Spider-Man is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and that fan...

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Sega Dreamcast 2 Custom Nintendo Switch

Sega’s last hurrah in the console market, the Dreamcast, is often remembered fondly in retrospect for providing interesting hardware...

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Halloween 2018 All The Biggest Game Updates And Events

Halloween is the annual occasion where spooky scares and taking candy from strangers becomes temporarily commonplace. While this all...

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