MCU Reboot Theories Addressed by Guardians of the Galaxy Director

MCU Reboot Theories

Earlier this month, it was announced by the chief at Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, that Avengers 4 would mark the end of a 22 movie story arc. It will be the culmination of work the company has been pumping time, money, and energy into for over a decade. This led to the birth of questions about the future of the MCU as fans know it. Thankfully, James Gunn, director of both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, has stepped in to address the MCU reboot theories.

Many fans are curious to know what will happen after the fourth Avengers movie comes to a close. Will characters simply disappear? Will the MCU as fans know it come to an end? As far as Gunn is aware, the Guardians of the Galaxy, “at least, will continue on”. In response to a fan on Twitter asking if it was true that the movies would get rebooted, he replied:

It has been confirmed that Gunn will be returning to direct a third Guardians movie, however, not much is known yet of just what that will entail. Spider-Man will also live on past the fourth Avengers movie with his sequel as well. New characters introduced to the MCU such as Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange also have high chances of seeing further movies past Avengers 4. However, due to multiple contracts ending, the chance of seeing many of the characters fans have grown to love over the years such as Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, etc. will be slim at best.

The question still remains as to where the MCU will go after the first major story arc is complete. Where do you think Marvel will try to take things? Let us know your thoughts on the MCU reboot theories in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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