This R2-D2 Build-A-Bear Web Exclusive Plushie is All the Beep Boop You Could Want

One simply cannot have too many collectibles and various other novelty paraphernalia. Slowly inching their way toward more and more Star Wars themed merchandise on top of their already extensive…

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rocket nebula guardians of the galaxy episode 2 trailer

Rocket or Nebula? Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2 Trailer Asks Players to Choose (VIDEO)

Telltale Games’ Guardians of the Galaxy has been off to an explosive start since it’s initial April release, offering a unique adventure featuring everyone’s favorite galaxy-guarding team of “a-holes”. The…

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Galaxy episode 2

Telltale Announces Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2 “Under Pressure” Coming Next Month

The first episode of Telltale Game’s Guardians of the Galaxy released last month and gave players a unique galaxy guarding quest to embark on while also staying true to the…

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director James Gunn and Michael Rooker

Guardians 2 Director James Gunn Reveals Why He Almost Said No to Directing Chapter 3

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is currently stomping its way through the box office, fans of the first two films are already anticipating the upcoming third movie in the…

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Bookwyrm’s 10-Word Comic Reviews & Recs: Plastic, Deathstroke, Guardians & More

Did you miss me? I took a bit of an unexpected Easter vacation last week, mostly due to all of my local comic shops being closed, my usual online source…

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Disney Reveals a Groot Mr. Potato Head Figure – A Cute Spuddy Collectible

Groot is pretty much the mascot to Guardians of the Galaxy now. After the initial introduction of an angry baby Groot from the teaser trailer for the second film last…

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Latest Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Gameplay Trailer Showcases Pure Fighting Mayhem (VIDEO)

With all the news and information regarding the game lately, it would seem like the game is about to release soon, but it’s still quite a few months away. In…

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Latest Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Trailer Announces Release Date and New Characters (VIDEO)

Capcom has finalized the release date for Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite with the latest trailer. The video, which can be seen below, introduces new characters from both dimensions, as well…

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Taserface Teased With New Details From the Upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Film

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is right around the corner promising sweet tunes and a whole lot of hilarity. With the latest film comes a new plot line, adorable…

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different marvel cinematic universe

Fans Can Expect a “Very Different” Marvel Cinematic Universe After Phase 3

Since its full-fledged dive into the silver screen, Marvel has had a structured story telling base in phases. Characters pop in and out of each other’s movies and the films all…

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