Matt Mercer Receives His Own Dungeons & Dragons Character That Hides So Many Easter Eggs

Dungeons & Dragons

Matt Mercer is an incredible voice actor known for his amazing work in both games and TV. The actor is also quite well known as an advocate for tabletop games, playing a major role in the resurgence of the genre over the years and has become the Game Master for the popular web series Critical Role. Now a tabletop RPG designer has stepped up to make a new character based on the gaming icon.

Crosshead Studios, a company that develops miniatures and third party creatures for D&D, is responsible for the Mercer-inspired character. Named Carter M.M Hewet, the character combines both Mercer as a person as well as quite a few references to the various characters the actor has portrayed over the years.

Dungeons & Dragons

Hewet is a humanoid Craftsman, an altered version of the Gunsligner subclass created by Mercer for the Critical Role web series, and pays homage to the Overwatch  character McCree. While the base of the character is rooted in the Gunslinger class, the Mercer-inspired character features a blend of various other skills. Some of those skills show off traits taken from the Fighter class or one of the most innovative traits being the maneuverability gear that references his work as Levi from the dubbed version of Attack on Titan.

There are plenty of small Easter eggs pertaining to the voice actor in the artwork for the character as well such as a small Thundercats emblem on the stock of the rifle and the word”BAMF” written in dwarven runes on the belt buckle. Overall, the character makes for quite the impressive NPC  that also serves as a touching tribute to a wonderful actor and one of the major pillars within the tabletop gaming community today.

For fans who wish to see Mercer show off his acting chops on a regular basis as well as witness the tale of multiple incredible characters portrayed by talented voice actors, check out Critical Role every Thursday on the show’s official Twitch channel, or every Monday on YouTube.

For more awesome D&D designs, check out Crosshead’s website for more art featuring assets for D&D and even some characters inspired by other actors such as Ryan Reynolds and Terry Crews. Let us know your thoughts on the Matt Mercer character for Dungeons & Dragons and more in the comment section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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