Critical Role Animated Series

Critical Role Animated Series Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

As tabletop gaming has seen a resurgence in recent years, its effects can be seen all throughout pop culture. Perhaps the most visible instance of this recent phenomena has been…

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Critical Role Video Game

Critical Role Video Game In Early Planning Stages

Tabletop gaming has seen a return to mainstream popularity in recent years, with Critical Role skyrocketing as one of the medium’s most ubiquitous faces. The franchise quickly rose from fledgling…

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Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting An Adventure Book Collab With Critical Role

Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting An Adventure Book Collab With Critical Role

Matthew Mercer is undeniably one of the first people that comes to mind when one thinks about Dungeons & Dragons, thanks in no small part to his position as Dungeon…

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Critical Role

Critical Role Continues to Smash Through Records On Kickstarter for Animated Episode (VIDEO)

The popular Dungeons & Dragons webseries Critical Role recently announced that they had plans to bring an animated episode with the help of fans through a Kickstarter project. With the…

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Dungeons & Dragons

Matt Mercer Receives His Own Dungeons & Dragons Character That Hides So Many Easter Eggs

Matt Mercer is an incredible voice actor known for his amazing work in both games and TV. The actor is also quite well known as an advocate for tabletop games,…

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Critical Role Actor Responds to Backlash Over Series Death

To say that fans were shocked by the recent death during a Critical Role episode would be an understatement. The current campaign that follow the Mighty Nein has seen one…

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