Overwatch: “Coven of Mercy” Cosplay Photoshoot Will Amaze You

Coven Of Mercy Overwatch

Overwatch offers more opportunities for creative cosplay than nearly any other game around. Its wide range of characters and extensive catalog of skins lead to cosplay both expected and surprising. A group of Mercy mains have united to show off a unique take on the healer.

Russian cosplayer Haku Mikiriyama teamed up with Agflower_Shu and Ann Gilts to create the Coven of Mercy photoshoot. Each cosplayer dressed in a different Mercy Skin to prove their love for her. Haku chose the Devil Mercy skin, Gilts donned Winged Victory, and Agflower opted for Witch. The resulting images show a battle between the good and evil within us all.

There’s some incredible detail in each of these outfits. The patterns on Winged Victory’s armor stands out as a true highlight, but the intricacies amaze on all three cosplays. Whichever one you like the most, you can’t go wrong!

The three cosplayers are no strangers to showing off their gaming and pop culture loyalties. Ann Gilts is relatively new but has more in-depth looks at her Mercy cosplay online. Agflower_Shu’s Instagram contains stunning shots of her as Catwoman, Kitana, and Rogue. Recently, Haku showed off an unreal take as Ves from The Witcher and a crazy cool Sombra.

Not only are the stars of the shoot accomplished cosplayers, the photographer, K_Rogutenok, has a strong reputation in the community as well. In fact, her Triss Merigold cosplay is among the best I’ve ever seen, which is saying something given her popularity.

This dream team put together a fun and creative cosplay session that needs to be celebrated. Let’s hope this wasn’t a one-off and they continue to collaborate in the future. Since Haku has shown a willingness to move outside of the Coven, perhaps their next Overwatch shoot can be a full-on battle!

Want to see some other amazing cosplayers at work? Check out the links below!

What do you think of this cosplay collaboration? Which is your favorite Mercy skin in Overwatch? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. And for more gaming news and updates, be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

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