Dungeons And Dragons To Revise Heavily Criticized Beast Master Subclass

Dungeons And Dragons To Revise Heavily Criticized Beast Master Subclass

Dungeons & Dragons 5E, while a fan favorite among some who prefer some simplicity in their gaming, hasn’t come without its own “bugs.” One among them is the widely criticized Beast Master subclass for the Ranger Class in Dungeons & Dragons. To rectify that, a revision of rules is coming that will include the subclass, giving it some much-needed attention as they plan to roll out revised rules in their core rulebook gift set in December.

The popular tabletop RPG is planning to change some of its rules, and it appears they’ve been listening to fans in regards to their Beast Master Ranger subclass. While the changes aren’t earth-shattering, they will help balance the subclass a bit for players who really want to dig into it. The new changes will definitely at least address some of the major concerns of players who want more from the subclass.

Beast Master

While Beast Master allows players to have an animal companion as their main attack focus, players have found that at higher levels the animal friend is nearly useless. Starting at a medium-sized beast at low-level, players add their proficiency bonus to saving throws and attacks for the creature. Unfortunately, the animal companion doesn’t age well as the character levels which eventually becomes a burden on player action economy.

In the latest broadcast of Dragon+, lead rules designer Jeremy Crawford mentioned that they would be revising the Best Master subclass to more align with their original intentions. The biggest change is that eventually, the animal companions attacks will become magical at higher levels, similar to a monk’s unarmed attack. When a player is down or otherwise distracted, the animal companion will automatically take the dodge action allowing for the creature to survive. This isn’t a complete fix, but it definitely helps alleviate the issues.

What else could be changed in the Beast Master subclass to give it more balance? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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