Critical Role Animated Series Release Date Revealed (VIDEO)

Critical Role Animated Series

As tabletop gaming has seen a resurgence in recent years, its effects can be seen all throughout pop culture. Perhaps the most visible instance of this recent phenomena has been seen in Critical Role. The franchise that started out as a simple podcast and tabletop gaming livestream show has turned into one of the hottest new nerd-favorite franchises. The series has become popular enough to warrant graphic novels, adventure books and other merchandise. Amazon had previously announced that it would be releasing a Critical Role animated series on its Prime Video platform, and now a new release date for the project has been given.

Amazon recently released a new clip of the Critical Role animated series on their official Prime Video YouTube channel. The clip, titled “My Toothpick” features Vox Machina members Grog Strongjaw and Scanlan Shorthalt (with Travis Willingham and Sam Riegel returning to voice the characters) seeking out their fellow guild members, but not before Grog requests a sandwich to eat. Scanlan is then seen trying to open a vault, with the assistance of fellow Vox Machina members Marisha Ray as Keyleth, Ashley Johnson as Pike Trickfoot and Laura Bailey as Vex’ahlia.

Critical Role Video Game

Lastly, Liam O’Brien returns to voice Vax’ildan, who is seen picking the lock successfully for the rest of the team. However, this came as a sacrifice for Grog and his sandwich, as it was his sandwich’s toothpick Vax’ildan took to pick the lock. What is most interesting about the clip is its description, which reveals a new release date for the series. The Legend of Vox Machina is now set to release on January 28th, a week ahead of its initially planned release date of February 4th. This will certainly be welcomed by Critical Role fans eagerly waiting for the series since its start as a Kickstarter campaign project. Hopefully it sticks the landing and becomes a critical hit.

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