Zombieland Writers Confirm a Sequel is Incoming, Deadpool 2 Takes the Spotlight For Now

Zombieland 2 Closer

The original Zombieland movie first released in 2009, and while several modern zombie movies had hit the big screen in the years right before then, Zombieland was praised by audiences and critics alike for making the zombie apocalypse look and feel more fun than any movie had before it. In the years that followed, a little show named The Walking Dead helped bring the undead craze back to the focus of monster and action genre film and television. Fans of the original film have been hoping and waiting for a sequel, and now one of the writers have confirmed their work on the script makes Zombieland 2 closer to a reality.

A new interview with Zombieland writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese has gone up on The Hollywood Reporter. The main focus was on their newest film Life, but also gave their updates regarding Deapdool 2 and Zombieland 2. The writing pair are right now directing their attention on perfecting the Deadpool 2 script, as the film is set to begin production later this year. Wernick and Reese are now known for their fondness for sequels, and the long-teased Zombieland sequel is inching ever closer to the light, as Wernick states:

If you look at our filmography you know we love the sequel. And we’re in the midst of Deadpool 2 right now. Zombieland 2 sits on the horizon with a hopeful greenlight coming relatively soon.”

As of right now, we still do not have any confirmation of a studio getting behind Zombieland 2, or even if the original cast will return for the film. However, with a franchise this awesome, how can that not follow their own Rule #2? Go for the double tap. What do you guys think? Are you happy to hear this news that makes Zombieland 2 closer to being made? Let us know in the comments below or start a discussion on our Disqus page.

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