PlayStation Plus Video Pass Leak

PlayStation Plus Video Pass Leaks On Sony Website

Sony appears to be ramping up the value of the PlayStation Plus subscription as many people believed they might be in the relatively near future. That said, something appears to…

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Zombieland: Double Tapper RPG Officially Announced

Zombieland: Double Tapper RPG Officially Announced

Zombies have become ubiquitous in popular culture in the 21st century, be it from The Walking Dead television and comic series or the Left 4 Dead video games. One piece…

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Netflix May 2019: What's New and What's Leaving (VIDEO)

Netflix May 2019: What’s New and What’s Leaving (VIDEO)

It’s the end of yet another month in 2019, and while everyone’s minds are probably preoccupied with Avengers Endgame (or the Fortnite’ equivalent)at the moment, Netflix will have plenty of…

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Zombieland 2 Closer

Zombieland Writers Confirm a Sequel is Incoming, Deadpool 2 Takes the Spotlight For Now

The original Zombieland movie first released in 2009, and while several modern zombie movies had hit the big screen in the years right before then, Zombieland was praised by audiences and…

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