Deadpool Logan Face

Logan And Deadpool Movies Debut On Disney Plus

Nearly three years after its launch, streaming service Disney Plus has finally begun wading into more mature waters, greenlighting more adult-oriented projects and bringing the violent street-level Defenders-verse shows over…

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Deadpool Trailer

Hilarious ‘Once Upon a Deadpool’ Trailer Features a Kidnapped Fred Savage (VIDEO)

One of the biggest success stories at the box office this past summer was the sequel to the highly praised Deadpool film. Deadpool 2 proved that Ryan Reynold’s take on…

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Deadpool 2 Xbox One

Custom Deadpool 2 Xbox One X Console Being Given Away By Microsoft

While the Xbox One may be trailing behind the PlayStation 4 in sales this generation, the console has perhaps seen more custom cosmetic designs, both from fans and Microsoft themselves….

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Deadpool photobomb covers

Deadpool Invades These Popular Blu-Ray Covers Next Month

As most people on the internet probably know, Deadpool and its recent sequel are some of the most perfectly marketed films in recent memory, utilizing the character’s fourth-wall shattering humor…

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Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Fans Get Golden Girls Thank You From Ryan Reynolds (VIDEO)

Deadpool 2 has had no shortage of clever promotional tactics to get fans hyped for the release of the film. Now in theaters, fans have flocked to the big screen…

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Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin

Deadpool 2’s Ryan Reynolds And Josh Brolin Roast Each Other With ‘Playground Insults’ (VIDEO)

Having already engaged in battle as Deadpool and Cable on the big screen, Fox’s recent release of Deadpool 2 has now brought the duo together once more in a battle of…

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The Division Film Signs On Deadpool 2 Director David Leitch

Ubisoft’s The Division Movie Signs On Deadpool 2 Director

News on Ubisoft’s upcoming The Division film has been rather sparse lately, with the movie having recently taken a back seat to The Division 2, announced by the publisher last…

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DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: March 29th

DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: March 30th (VIDEO)

A fresh week has arrived, and so too has a number of awesome movie and TV trailers. The week of March 29th debuts new footage of the upcoming Karate Kid…

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Deadpool 2 Trailer

New Deadpool 2 Trailer Assembles The Merc’s Super-Duper Team (VIDEO)

Deadpool is coming out with a sequel to his debut film and it promises to be full of the same irreverent humor and fourth-wall breaks we’ve come to expect from…

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DFTG Recaps The Week's Biggest Movie/TV Trailers

DFTG Recaps The Week’s Biggest Movie/TV Trailers: February 12 (VIDEO)

Last week is officially behind us and now’s the time when DFTG recaps the biggest movie and TV trailers of the week. Early on we saw the stunt-driven spy-fest Mission: Impossible…

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