Deadpool Logan Face

Logan And Deadpool Movies Debut On Disney Plus

Nearly three years after its launch, streaming service Disney Plus has finally begun wading into more mature waters, greenlighting more adult-oriented projects and bringing the violent street-level Defenders-verse shows over…

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No More Heroes Dev Teases 3 New IPs, Wants Deadpool Game

The gaming industry has many beloved visionary game developers, with one of the quirkiest, yet revered auteurs in the medium being Suda51. Under his Grasshopper Manufacture development studio, Suda 51…

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Twisted Metal TV Series

Twisted Metal TV Series Being Helmed By Deadpool Writers At Sony

Hollywood has notably tapped the well of video game franchise history to be adapted into blockbuster films in recent years, and lately, it seems that the television industry also set…

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Deadpool 3 R

Deadpool 3 R-Rating, MCU Status Confirmed By Marvel Studios

While the COVID-19 global pandemic largely stalled Marvel Studios from releasing content and halted production on future projects, 2021 seems to show promise for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as several…

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Deadpool Cookbook Shows You How To Make Chimichangas

Marvel Comics’ “merc with a mouth” is getting his very own cookbook full of stabby things and, of course, chimichangas. Written by award-nomated writer and editor Marc Sumerak and recipe…

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FOX's X-Men VS Fantastic Four Movie Would Have Featured Deadpool and Daredevil

FOX’s X-Men VS Fantastic Four Movie Would Have Featured Deadpool and Daredevil

The cultural media landscape has seen many changes in the past decade, but one perhaps few saw coming was the juggernaut growth of the Marvel media presence. Disney’s Marvel Cinematic…

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Deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Confirms Bob’s Burgers Writers With Crossover Image Reveal

One of the biggest shakeups in Hollywood the past few years has been The Walt Disney Company’s Acquisition of 20th Century Fox. A particular aspect of concern with Marvel fans…

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Fortnite Deadpool

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Battle Pass Includes Deadpool (VIDEO)

Fortnite fans have been trying to piece together the clues being left by the developers prior to the release of Season 2 of Chapter 2. That said, the new season…

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Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool 3 In The Works At Marvel Studios (VIDEO)

The past decade has been an interesting period of growth for The Walt Disney Company. The company started a string of significant acquisitions with the Marvel in 2009 and Lucasfilm…

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Ryan Reynolds Reveals Deadpool Versus Detective Pikachu Showdown

The internet lost its collective mind when everyone found out Ryan Reynolds would play one of the main characters from the live-action film Detective Pikachu as none other than the…

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