New Ubisoft Trademark Spotted Hinting At A Watch Dogs 3 PS5, Next Xbox Launch Title Release (VIDEO)

Watch Dogs 3

Last year rumors hinted that Watch Dogs 3 would soon be on its way however even after it was accidentally confirmed that Ubisoft planned to return to the franchise, not much else has surfaced for fans regarding the open world hacker adventure. Thankfully, new information has come to light that reveals that the game could indeed be in the works and possibly looking at a launch title release for PS5, next Xbox consoles.

YouTuber Skullzi TV released a video revealing that Ubisoft filed for a trademark for “Watch Dogs 3” back in November of last year however this particular information is only just now becoming available to be viewed by the public. The trademark itself is currently “pending” and Skullzi TV was kind enough to share what other current trademarks Ubisoft has both pending and active:

Because the pending trademark seems to be entirely separate from other current trademarks, Skullzi TV  believes that the upcoming Watch Dogs 3 won’t be coming out for a while. In fact there’s a strong possibility that the game will be arriving on next gen consoles, though closer to a launch title.

Watch Dogs 3

There’s been very little information going out concerning Watch Dogs 3, but the end of the second title in the franchise did hint at the possibility of a sequel heading to London. The game has two very distinct characters already in the first game’s Aiden Pierce and the sequel’s Marcus Holloway. The upcoming title could use either one of these amazing characters, or they could continue the current trend and allow players to play as an entirely new character, maybe even a player-created one.

What could the future of the franchise hold for players? Let us know your thoughts on Watch Dogs 3 and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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