PUBG Event Mode

PUBG Dropping Their Own Version Of Fortnite’s Limited Time Mode, Flare Guns Coming Soon

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was considered the star of the battle royale show in 2017, its main competitor, Fortnite, has been much more progressive in its offerings of limited time event…

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Monster Hunter World patch

Latest Monster Hunter World Patch Brings “The Food Chain Dominator” (VIDEO)

The latest Monster Hunter World patch has gone live, setting the deadly Deviljho upon the realm. “The Food Chain Dominator” brings a maw full of deadly teeth that are ready…

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Sea Of Thieves Was Almost A Game About Vampires … Or Dinosaurs, Confirms Rare

Sea of Thieves has finally arrived for PC and Xbox One players allowing them to take to the high seas as men and women of fortune. The title is all…

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Deluded Mind

‘Deluded Mind’ Horror Game Receives Release Date, New Trailer (VIDEO)

First-person Horror game ‘Deluded Mind’ has been in development for the past two years, and now it is finally coming (partially) out of the shadows. Developed by Pyxton Studios, the…

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PUBG Replay

PUBG Replay System Developer Now Offering Monetized In-Game Ads

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds implemented several much-needed features when the game finally hit version 1.0 late last year. Features like climbing & vaulting and additions like the Miramar map had previously been…

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Sea of Thieves Reddit AMA

Sea of Thieves Reddit AMA Sheds Light On Post-Launch Content, Customization, And More

With the launch of Rare’s Sea of Thieves just hours away, fans are scrambling to find out any last-minute details that will help them as they take to the seas….

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PUBG Flare Gun

PUBG Flare Guns Now In Testing, Represents A Major Game Changer

While it dominated the multiplayer gaming landscape in 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has slowly but surely been falling to the wayside thanks to stiff competition from titles like Fortnite and The…

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Final Fantasy XV Mod Lets You Listen To Your Own Music In-Game

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition launched earlier this month to the delight of fans looking to alter the vanilla experience with mods. The sky tends to be the limit as…

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Being used by Czech University

Kingdom Come Deliverance To Be Used In Teaching Medieval History Class

Even since the earliest days of the personal computer, video games have often been utilized as educational tools of the future. Older generations might be most familiar with such titles…

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Super Bomberman R

Super Bomberman R Announced For PC, PlayStation 4, And Xbox One

Super Bomberman R has been quite the hit for those enjoying the Nintendo Switch exclusive. Announced and released last year to the surprise of many, the title represented the first…

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