Warcraft, Overwatch And Diablo News Coming Soon, Says Blizzard Boss

Diablo News

Activision Blizzard has been the talk of the town this month in the game industry due to the planned acquisition of the company by Microsoft. While much of the attention regarding the future of their games have been on Activision’s franchises like Call of Duty, many have wondered what this deal might also mean for Blizzard Entertainment’s next games. Fans have been hoping for some updates on Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV for some time now, but the games have continued to experience delays. Now, Blizzard Entertainment’s lead has provided a tease about Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo news that may be coming soon.

Blizzard head Mike Ybarra recently shared some new tweets on his official Twitter account providing updates on several upcoming games. One tweet was made to share an announcement by Blizzard Games about a brand-new AAA survival game set in a new universe. Ybarra praised the game’s creative and development teams and suggested that his time playing the game so far has been quite positive. However, a fan response complained about the status of other games in development and that Blizzard could use more help as it is.

Ybarra then stated that Blizzard has many different studios at work on different games, implying that work on a new game does not hinder progress on another. He then suggested that updates on Warcraft and Overwatch would be coming in the next few weeks, with Diablo news not long after. Likely, the former news will unveil updates for World of Warcraft and the first Overwatch, though it is possible that sequel Overwatch 2 could be applied as well. Hopefully, Ybarra has good news and it comes alongside updates regarding the well-being of Activision Blizzard employees. After all they’ve been through, they could use the good news just as much as fans, if not more.

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