Cancelled Star Wars: 1313 Footage Reveals Uncharted-Like Gameplay

Cancelled Star Wars 1313 Gameplay

Cancelled Star Wars projects are aplenty in this day and age, but Star Wars: 1313 is among the most tragic of lost opportunities of the entire saga. The former LucasArts title would have followed a young Boba Fett as he delved 1313 levels below the seedy underbelly of Coruscant, where shooting first and asking questions later was considered the norm. Years after being abandoned by EA, previously unseen gameplay for Star Wars: 1313 has now revealed a new look at the wretched hive of scum and villainy that nearly almost was.

Seen below, the in-development footage depicts the Mandolorian-armored bounty hunter as he peruses a local tavern for his mark, even catching a stumbling patron at a particularly cinematic moment. The video quickly transitions into a thrilling chase sequence as Boba darts through the open city, ​​narrowly avoiding obstacles and jumping between buildings in a similar manner to the Uncharted games. Lastly, the remaining bits show off several unfinished combat scenarios as well as idle animations for Mr. Fett himself.

​​Discovered by The Vault, a YouTube channel dedicated to archiving cancelled Star Wars projects, ​​the video is sourced from James Zachary, a former animation director on Star Wars 1313, who recently posted the impressive clips to his online portfolio. The dev describes the footage as demonstrating the “living world gameplay” of Star Wars: 1313 as well as the title’s “high bar” of animation and frequent use of “environmental interaction.”

After a legendary showcase at E3 2012, Star Wars: 1313 was indefinitely shelved following the saga’s high-profile acquisition from Disney, and the game failed to resurface in an official sense since. Over the years, EA pursued multiple spiritual successors to 1313, including one with Uncharted creator Amy Hennig, but these plans also became one with the Force as well. While the game itself was never completed, the concept of 1313 has notably lived on through such appearances as The Clone Wars TV show.

This latest gameplay seems very much on par with several leaks and developer statements revealed in the past and it remains a shame that the full scope of Star Wars: 1313 will never see the light of day. On the bright side, Star Wars games are seemingly in the midst of a renaissance as of late, with multiple studios, publishers, and genres aiming to bring greater depth to the galaxy far, far away. One could imagine 1313 and an adolescent Boba Fett could someday be revisited down the line, especially as both are still considered to be uncharted territory.

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