Xbox's Mike Ybarra Is Officially Leaving Microsoft

Xbox’s Mike Ybarra Is Officially Leaving Microsoft

Having spent two decades with Microsoft, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Mike Ybarra has officially announced that he’s leaving the company. The Xbox figure revealed his departure over social media,…

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Xbox Nintendo Switch

Xbox Exec Sarcastically Responds To The Nintendo Switch Rumors

There have been a handful of rumors circulating recently that tease quite the epic partnership between Microsoft and Nintendo. Essentially, many are beginning to think Xbox Game Pass will be…

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Xbox VP Comes Under Heavy Fire After Calling Out Anthem Reviewers For “Whining”

Due to hit the shelves this week, fans from all over are ramping up the excitement for the next in BioWare’s famous legacy. Reviews are coming out the yin-yang and…

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Xbox One's Game Gifting feature

Mike Ybarra Releases More Info On Xbox One’s Game Gifting Feature

With the impending release of Xbox One’s game gifting feature, so many questions have yet to be answered. With information hanging in the balance, fans don’t know what exactly is…

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Xbox One Achievements

Mike Ybarra Says Xbox One Achievements to Receive “Fundamental Changes” (VIDEO)

Many people enjoy a good rivalry with their friends. Always competing to win a race, get the most kills, or complete a title quicker, going head to head with somebody…

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Microsoft Adds New Copilot Feature in Latest Xbox One Update (VIDEO)

Microsoft’s latest update includes more additions and tweaks to the Xbox One. At this time, however, they’re exclusive to particular Xbox Insiders and a number of “subset gamers”. Within the…

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Xbox Executive Excitedly Congratulates Nintendo on Upcoming Switch

Mike Ybarra, who is the Engineering Lead for Xbox, has congratulated Nintendo after their big reveal a couple of days ago, regarding the Switch. The upcoming Nintendo console is a…

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