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Ubisoft’s ‘For Honor’ Announces New Maps and More Heroes Coming This May With New Teaser (VIDEO)

Ubisoft’s PvP title For Honor has seen its fair share of praise as well as controversial critiques since its release earlier this year, but the team behind this title are…

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Honor Boycott

For Honor Boycott Garners Major Changes in Economy and More by Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s latest third-person brawler For Honor has been garnering a lot of static from the fan base lately. Players have been attempting to get the developer to acknowledge the imbalances and…

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Ubisoft Responds to For Honor Microtransaction Concerns From the Community

The community have been less than pleased about Ubisoft‘s approach to For Honor microtransaction. When microtransactions come to play a larger role in the overall game, it can become cause for…

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Flip Out – For Honor Now Utilizing Emotes to Dodge Attacks in Game!

Emoting has always been a fun way to taunt your opponent in video games. If you’ve been playing For Honor lately and engaging in intense combat for glory, you might…

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Ban Hammer

For Honor’s Ban Hammer Begins to Strike XP Farmers, World Rejoices

Everybody has been in a game with an XP Farmer. You know the type, the ones sitting in the starting zone just spinning in circles. The ones not doing anything…

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For Honor Centurion and Ninja

Centurion and Ninja Heroes Leaked Ahead of For Honor’s First DLC

Reddit user Bones404 has potentially leaked the identity of two of For Honor’s DLC heroes via stills taken within the game.  In the stills, we see both a Roman Centurion…

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For Honor Patch

Valkyrie Gets a Buff Alongside Others in Latest For Honor Patch v1.03

There’s a new For Honor patch releasing and it’s a good one. Patch v1.03 released for PC this morning, while Xbox and PlayStation players will receive it soon. Coincidentally, the…

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New For Honor Patch for PC Drops – Targets Anti-Cheat Issues and Combat Glitches

Ubisoft’s PvP title For Honor has recently released across all platforms and the majority of the player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. That’s not to say the title released without…

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For Honor Dance Moves

Players are Getting Their Groove on with Dance Moves in For Honor (VIDEOS)

Dance parties in video games are nothing new. Most MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games have an emote that allows your character to bust out in unique dance moves. Thanks to…

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For Honor Beta

Six Millions Users Made For Honor Beta Test the Biggest PC Beta in Ubisoft History

For Honor has now been available at retail for two days now, and while sales data is not available yet, the game’s launch and events leading up to it seem…

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